July 2017


With Championship Races 6 ,7 and 8 now behind us the Championship closes up dramatically going into the final event of the year at Castrol. Wade Anderson takes over the Championship lead from Greg Coffin who didn’t make it out to Mission this season but expects to be back in the car for Castrol. With no fewer than 8 possible drivers still in the hunt for the Championship it is anyone’s game going into the final races of the season

Mission Race 1

Qualifying saw the return of Mitch Egner as he took pole by over a second from second place Roger Smetaniuk followed in third by Gavin Aitken. Stephen Ross would make his first appearance of the year in a strong 4th place qualifying position. Hometown driver Keray McEwan would be the first Pinto on the grid in 5th followed closely by Brad Law in the #77 Van Diemen. The bulk of team Hot Potato would be next with Mike Webb leading teammates Wade Anderson and Doug Connon, Brian Smetaniuk in the second Mygale would be in 10th. Pat Wilson would come in close behind Brian and just ahead of Jason Gillen who made his first Mission race weekend this season. Early season leader Russ Werner’s troubles would continue as a rules difference between ICSCC and SCCBC would lead to some last minute changes to the #99 machine and he would miss out on qualifying. Mitch Egner in his usual dominant fashion would take the lead early and begin to walk away on the field. Gavin Aitken would capitalize at the start taking second from Roger Smetaniuk into turn 3. The next group back would be Ross, McEwan, Law and Webb. Russ Werner would have the best start as he moved from 13th to 8th by lap 2 as he led the pack of Anderson, Connon and Brian Smetaniuk who switched positions almost every lap for the first 5 laps. A little bit back saw a battle brewing between Pat Wilson and Jason Gillen. As Mitch expanded on his lead Gavin Aitken and Roger Smetaniuk began to drop their lap times as Gavin looked to break away from 3rd and Roger aimed to get within striking distance of 2nd. On Lap 5 it would go wrong coming out of the last corner for Gavin Aitken as the #3 machine would end up sideways almost blocking the track. Smartly Gavin let the car roll back off the track but in the process would damage the rear wing ending his race. This same lap would see Keray McEwan make it passed Brad Law into 4th overall. Russ Werner would continue his march up the field now in 6th place and still moving forward. Lap 11 would see the end of Doug Connon’s race with some mechanical issues and a few laps later his teammate Steve Ross(6th) would lose the final step on the podium due to a late spin promoting Russ Werner(3rd) all the way from last up onto the podium. Keray Mcewan(4th) and Brad Law(5th) battled back and forth all the way to the checkered flag. A last lap pass would put Wade Anderson up into (7th) at the expense of teammate Mike Webb(8th). And the Rest of the field would stay line a stern with Brian Smetaniuk(9th), Pat Wilson (10th) and Jason Gillen the last of the runners in (11th). Mitch Egner(1st) would take his first win of the season ahead of Roger Smetaniuk(2nd) in the Mygale.

RACE 1 results
#14 Mitch Egner - 1:06.024 (z)
#16 Roger Smetaniuk - 1:07.290 (z)
#99 Russ Werner - 1:08.957 (z)
#98 Keray McEwan - 1:09.842 (p)
#72 Stephen Ross - 1:09.559 (z)
#68 Wade Anderson - 1:11.281 (p)
#8 Michael Webb - 1:12.096 (p)
#19 Brian Smetaniuk - 1:12.811 (z)
#17 Patrick Wilson - 1:13.873 (p)
#34 Jason Gillen - 1:13.479 (p)
#44 Doug Connon - 1:11.577 (p) - DNF
#77 Brad Law - 1:11.020 (z) - DNF
#3 Gavin Aitken - 1:07.140 (z) - DNF

Mission Race 2

Race 2 would be a shared session with the FF and FL classes so it made the traffic a bit thicker around the short Mission course. Mitch Egner would run in FL as he chased the overall track record so he would not be in contention for FC points or scoring. As qualy began Brian Smetaniuk’s gearbox would fail ending his weekend early. Roger Smetaniuk would take pole for race 2 followed again by Gavin Aitken and Steve Ross. After a great race 1 recovery Russ Werner would put the #99 Slingshot machine up into 4th for race 2 followed by Brad Law and Keray McEwan once again leading the pinto field. The next 4 spots would be team Hot Potato as Wade Anderson lead Mike Webb, Jason Gillen and Doug Connon. Pat Wilson in his 1997 Van Diemen would round out the grid for Race 2. As the race started Roger Smetaniuk and Gavin Aitken would reverse rolls from race one and Gavin would give chase pressuring Roger as he tried to make a break for it. Steve Ross would have an early spin dropping him from 3rd down to last but at least he would have the whole race to try and recover. This put Russ Werner up onto the podium once again as he tried to stick with the leaders. Brad Law and Keray McEwan would renew their battle from race one this time Brad was out front early. Jason Gillen made a brilliant start as he began to get comfortable with the Mission track moving passed Wade Anderson and Mike Webb up into 6th place. Mike Webb would follow Jason past Wade into 7th just ahead of Doug Connon, Pat Wilson would round out the top 10 after lap 2. By the mid way point of the race things up front remained the same as Roger Smetaniuk led Gavin Aitken and Russ Werner. Brad Law held a very slight lead over Keray McEwan putting on the best race throughout the field. Mike Webb would get passed Jason Gillen on lap 7 but a lap later get into an incident with a FF and end his race dropping him from 6th overall. Jason Gillen re-inhereted the spot only to be dropped down the order later the same lap by a misfire in the #34 machine. Steve Ross Was making steady progress back through the field and was up to 6th by lap 10. Followed by Wade Anderson, Doug Connon and Pat Wilson. Roger Smetaniuk(1st) would take his first win of the season after seeing his previous attempt in Spokane disappear on the last lap. Gavin Aitken(2nd) would recover from his DNF in race 1 for a second place finish. Russ Werner(3rd) would have a slightly easier run to third this time. Kerawy McEwan(4th) showed some last lap heroics as he pulled off the late pass into 7 stealing a fourth place finish from Brad Law(5th). Steve Ross(6th) would recover from his early spin back up into sixth. Wade Anderson(7th) would lead home teammate Doug Connon(8th) followed by Pat Wilson (9th) Jason Gillen (10th) brought home his misfiring Van Diemen for the final running spot.

RACE 2 results
#16 Roger Smetaniuk - 1:07.765
#3 Gavin Aitken - 1:07.229
#99 Russ Werner - 1:09.168
#98 Keray McEwan - 1:10.129
#77 Brad Law - 1:09.859
#72 Stephen Ross - 1:10.141
#68 Wade Anderson - 1:11.074
#44 Doug Connon - 1:12.122
#17 Patrick Wilson - 1:13.639
#34 Jason Gillen - 1:13.479 (p)
#14 Mitch Egner - 1:04.534 - DNF
#8 Michael Webb - 1:11.329 - DNF
#19 Brian Smetaniuk - DNS

Mission Race 3

The feature race of the weekend would see Mitch Egner back on pole by 3 tenths over Gavin Aitken and another 1 tenth ahead of Roger Smetaniuk. Russ Werner would take 4th on the grid from Steve Ross in 5th. Keray McEwan would out qualify Brad Law this race as the two continued their weekend long tilt. The 4 pinto drivers from Team Hot Potato would be lined up next with Mike Webb ahead of Wade Anderson, Doug Connon and Jason Gillen. Pat Wilson would round out the field as Brian Smetaniuk would not have His Mygale repaired. Off the start the top four would would get in line and spread out a bit trying to keep the next driver back while staying in striking distance of those ahead. Keray McEwan and Brad Law would move passed Steve Ross as problems began to creep up for the #72 Van Diemen. Wade Anderson and Jason Gillen would have good starts moving passed Mike Webb, Doug Connon and Pat Wilson. On Lap 5 we would see the end to a rough weekend for Steve Ross as his Van Diemen would say no mas. On lap 10 it would be another gearbox issue for Russ Werner as the #99 Slingshot machine got spun around and stranded in Turn 3. After making his way up to 8th Jason Gillen’s #34 Van Diemen would once again begin to misfire and he decided to shut it down this time with 20 min still on the clock for this race. Mitch Egner(1st) continued to build a massive lead over the field all the way to the end with Gavin Aitken(2nd) doing the same back to Roger Smetaniuk(3rd). Keray McEwan(4th) would continue to battle closely with Brad Law(5th) the two of them sharing the same patch of track it seemed all weekend long. Wade Anderson(6th) and Mike Webb (7th) would pass and repass each other a couple of times before the end of the race. Pat Wilson(9th) would make it by Doug Connon(10th) to finish the weekend off.

RACE 3 results
#14 Mitch Egner - 1:05.275
#3 Gavin Aitken - 1:07.284
#16 Roger Smetaniuk - 1:08.081
#98 Keray McEwan - 1:10.206
#77 Brad Law - 1:10.398
#68 Wade Anderson - 1:10.909
#8 Michael Webb - 1:10.828
#17 Patrick Wilson - 1:12.113
#44 Doug Connon - 1:12.262
#34 Jason Gillen - 1:11.512
#99 Russ Werner - 1:08.221 - DNF
#72 Stephen Ross - 1:13.883 - DNF
#19 Brian Smetaniuk - DNS

Mission Race Preview

With the 3rd weekend of the season approaching we could see another weekend winner as Russ Werner took Pacific, Reny Follett took Spokane and it looks like Mitch Egner will walk away with his home track of Mission.

Mitch returns to the NWFC for the first time this season after running with the Pacific F2000 series for most of the winter. Look for a Zetec sweep for the home town favorite with the only challenges coming from Russ Werner and Gavin Aitken. Steve Ross, Roger Smetaniuk, Brad Law and Brian Smetaniuk should round out the zetec grid with a possible appearance from Michael Lensen if he can get his Van Diemen repaired in time after an early season incident down in Portland.

Pinto could be the class to watch this weekend as the normally quick James Nadolny has choosen boating over racing for some reason opening the door for a number of possible contenders. The home town crowd will be routing for Keray Mcewan to bring home the class win as he contends with a number of drivers coming from Alberta. Mike Webb coming off a break out performance in Spokane could find his way up onto the pinto podium if he continues on his current path of improvement. He will be challenged for that poidum by his teammates Doug Connon and Wade Anderson. A close sophomore battle looks to be on the horizon for Paddy Wilson and Jason GIllen with Wilson possibly holding a slight home track advantage. Reny Follett has yet to register but could throw a wrench in the whole class if he can make it out this weekend. Coming off a pinto sweep at Spokane Reny could get another 3 race wins putting him in good shape for the overall championship.

June 2017


RACE REPORT: Spokane Raceway 2017

Championship Races 3, 4 and 5 are now in the books. Greg Coffin takes over the Championship lead from Russ Werner who had a very difficult weekend at Spokane. But with Greg being absent for the next round at Mission a number of drivers could move up and take his top spot. It is still anyone’s game after the midpoint of the season.

Race 1
Qualifying Friday saw a front row lock out by Coffin and R Smetaniuk’s Mygales. Reny Follett would be the first Pinto on the grid in 3rd followed by Scott Morton and Brian Smetaniuk. Wade Anderson would be the first of the team Hot Potato cars in 6th followed by Aitken, Webb, Connon and Rogers who had a brake failure leading to a fence jumping attempt that ended the session early. Jason Gillen would not get a clean lap and Qualify 11th but would still be ahead of early season leader Russ Werner (Clutch issues) and hometown driver Dane Babkirk (Motor).

Quali 1 results
1:27.427 Greg Coffin (z)
1:27.814 Roger Smetaniuk (z)
1:28.620 Reny Follett (p)
1:30.077 Scott Morton(z)
1:30.369 Brian Smetaniuk (z)
1:31.040 Wade Anderson (p)
1:31.125 Gavin Aitken (z)
1:32.140 Michael Webb (p)
1:32.712 Doug Connon (p)
1:34.661 Steve Rogers (p)
1:38.361 Jason Gillen (p)

Coffin took the early lead ahead of R Smetaniuk with Scott Morton using the torque of his zetec to move into third ahead of Reny Follett. Gavin Aitken would make the jump from 7th to 5th into Turn 2 and start to pressure Follett and Morton. Wade Anderson made the inside move into T1 on Brian Smetaniuk with teammates Webb and Connon battling for 8th followed closely by Gillen and starting from the back the now repaired Russ Werner in the Slingshot sponsored machine. For the first half dozen laps Roger Smetaniuk was followed closely by Morton who was being hounded by Follett and Aitken. Aitken would make an early move on Follett then down the inside of Morton into 4. Follett would soon follow through on Morton as well. A few laps later they both would move past second place Roger Smetaniuk as he struggled for race pace on his American Racers. After getting by Smetaniuk Follett would move past Aitken into second overall. Russ Werner had begun his charge through the field getting up to 6th before looping it in the tight turn 7 and getting stranded on the infield grass. This would bring out a full course yellow as they tried to remove the Van Diemen from a tricky spot. As the yellow flag bunched up the field the race would be on once again when the green flag dropped. A number of drivers seemed to pair up ready to battle to the finish. Coffin, Follett and Aitken would stay together dropping Smetaniuk towards the grasp of Scott Morton. Wade Anderson would be followed closely by Brian Smetaniuk and a short distance back from that would have Teammates Mike Webb and Doug Connon battling it out. As the checkered flag fell Reny Follett would get by Greg Coffin for the win and Coming home in third would be Gavin Aitken. Roger Smetaniuk would stay ahead of Scott Morton and Brian Smetaniuk would sneak past Wade Anderson for 6th. The rest of team Hot Potato would finish line a stern as Mike Webb would lead home Doug Connon and Jason Gillen.

Race 1 results
Reny Follett (p) 1:26.560
Greg Coffin (z) 1:26.459
Gavin Aitken (z) 1:26.522
Roger Smetaniuk (z) 1:27.347
Scott Morton (z) 1:27.771
Brian Smetaniuk (z) 1:30.562
Wade Anderson (p) 1:30.532
Michael Webb (p) 1:30.225
Doug Connon (p) 1:31.456
Jason Gillen (p) 1:35.061

DNF Russ Werner (z) 1:27.644
DNS Steve Rogers

Race 2
After another red flag situation during qualifying we would see the same grid as yesterday except with the inclusion of Russ Werner who managed to get a second place lap time in before the session was flagged.

At the start Russ Werner would hound Greg Coffin for the lead. Reny Follett took third from Roger Smetaniuk into turn 2 and Scott Morton would be close behind. Gavin Aitken making his usual good start moved quickly up into 6th. Brian Smetaniuk would have a better start holding off Wade Anderson this time and they were closely followed by Mike Webb and Doug Connon. Steve Rogers having recovered his car from over the fence on friday got the car back together and on track for the race as he led Jason Gillen at the start of Race 2. Russ Werner’s terrible weekend would end on lap 5 as the gearbox on the #99 machine would give up and drop him from second place to out of the race. This promoted Reny Follett up to second and now closely followed by Gavin Aitken. Roger Smetaniuk began to drop back into the hands of Scott Morton as the two would try and see who had figured out the American Racer tires better so far. Brian Smetaniuk was being hounded by Wade Anderson and Mike Webb. At the halfway mark we would lose the #44 machine of Doug Connon as a stuck throttle made him shut it down coming off the back straight. This promoted Steve Rogers and Jason Gillen up a spot. We also saw Brad Smith take to the track in the #62 Citation for the first time of the weekend getting some installation laps in after having some early troubles. Gavin Aitken would move past Reny Follett into second and begin his charge on the leader Greg Coffin. Roger Smetaniuk would succeed 4th place to Scott Morton as overheating became an issue in his Mygale. Mike Webb had worked his way past teammate Wade Anderson and then passed Brian Smetaniuk moving the #8 Van Diemen up into 6th place and second in the pinto class. Wade Anderson would also make his way past Brian Smetaniuk as he began to struggle for front end grip. A crazy last lap would see the lead pack of Coffin, Aitken and Follett come up on the mid pack battle of Webb, Anderson and B Smetaniuk. As the leaders worked their way through the group Wade Anderson would be slowed coming onto the front straight allowing Brian Smetaniuk to take the place into Turn 1. As Brian caught the back of Mike Webb coming through 2 he would use the slowing Reny Follett as a pick coming down the back straight to take 6th place. Reny Follett had run out of gas on the last lap and would park the #21 machine next to Doug Connon off the back straight. Mike Webb would make a desperate and successful lunge on the inside of the final corner to retake the place from Brian Smetaniuk bringing home his best finish to date a 6th place. Even though Reny Follett had run out of gas he had done enough as the race ended and he had lapped all the pinto finishers keeping his first place in class and a 5th overall. Greg Coffin would win the race by a few feet over Gavin Aitken and followed by Scott Morton with a season best 3rd and Roger Smetaniuk in his Mygale in 4th.

Race 2 results
1. Greg Coffin (z) 1:26.146
2. Gavin Aitken (z) 1:26.212
3. Scott Morton (z) 1:27.878
4. Roger Smetaniuk (z) 1:27.720
5. Reny Follett (p) 1:26.440
6. Mike Webb (p) 1:31.113
7. Brian Smetaniuk (z) 1:30.355
8. Wade Anderson (p) 1:30.636
9. Steve Rogers (p) 1:32.718
10. Jason Gillen (p) 1:32.486
11. Doug Connon (p) 1:30.864
12. Brad Smith (cfc) 1:33.208
13. Russ Werner (z) 1:27.917

Race 3
A full qualifying session for the first time this weekend would see Greg Coffin retain his streak of pole positions by a tenth of a second over Roger Smetaniuk who had switched back to some older Avon’s for the final race of the weekend. Aitken, Follett and Morton would round out the top 5 for qualifying. Brad Smith in the now running Ciation would claim an impressive 6th place in front of Connon, Webb, Anderson, B Smetaniuk, Rogers and Gillen. On a rough weekend note Dane Babkirk did get the motor swap complete and running but would not be able to make the race.

Quali 3 results
Coffin 1:25.436
R Smetaniuk 1:25.547
Aitken 1:25.905
Follett 1:26.770
Morton 1:28.528
Smith 1:29.611
Webb 1:30.043
Anderson 1:30.122
B Smetaniuk 1:31.041
Rogers 1:32.689
Gillen 1:35.278

At the start Roger Smetaniuk would take the lead into 1 from Greg Coffin and closely followed by Gavin Aitken. Scott Morton used the torque of his zetec to nab 4th away from Reny Follett. Brad Smith was closely followed by Doug Connon in the #44 machine. The first lap drama was not over as Doug Connon looped his Van Diemen into 4 as he tried to chase Brad Smith. Mike Webb managed to sneak cleanly around the outside but as Brian Smetaniuk and Wade Anderson approached they were already side by side and this led to an off road excursion for Brian and ended with a stalled #19 Mygale. After a few laps under yellow to rescue the stranded Mygale of Brian Smetaniuk the race resumed with Roger Smetaniuk barely holding off Greg Coffin and Gavin Aitken. Reny Follett would get by Scott Morton shortly after the restart with a good move on the inside of 2. Brad Smith would lead the train of Webb, Anderson, Rogers, Gillen and a recovering Doug Connon. Connon would begin to make his way through the pack passing all the way back up to 6th place. His teammate Mike Webb would also manage to get by Brad Smith who managed to hold off Wade Anderson, Steve Rogers and Jason Gillen. On the final lap Roger Smetaniuk held a 7 car length gap back to Coffin who had Gavin Aitken glued to his rear wing. As Smetaniuk entered turn 2 his right front tire would lose the last of its air sending the #16 machine up the banking on the outside of the turn. As he attempted to pull the car back onto the track Coffin and Aitken approached slightly balking Coffin and allowing Aitken to get a run. Aitken made it passed Coffin entering 4 and manages to hold on for a crazy couple of corners going from 3rd to1st on the final lap to take his first win of the season. Reny Follett takes the weekend by sweeping the Pinto class with 3 wins Coffin in second with 1 win and 2 second places and Gavin Aitken third overall with 1 win a second and a third.

Race 3 results
1. Gavin Aitken (z) 1:26.249
2. Greg Coffin (z) 1:26.183
3. Reny Follett (p) 1:26.624
4. Scott Morton (z) 1:28.472
5. Doug Connon (p) 1:30.250
6. Mike Webb (p) 1:31.630
7. Brad Smith (cfc) 1:31.349
8. Wade Anderson (p) 1:31.146
9. Steve Rogers (p) 1:31.192
10. Jason Gillen (p) 1:31.568
11. Roger Smetaniuk (z) 1:26.255
12. Brian Smetaniuk (z) DNF

RACE PREVIEW: Spokane Raceway 2017

Zetec Class:
For the first time in NWFC series history, we are looking at a weekend where full bonus points will be available for the Zetec class winner. This could prove to be the deciding factor in who walks away with the overall top spot for the weekend. Leading the way are Russ Werner and Greg Coffin. Expect a tight battle all weekend long between the two after an exciting first weekend at Pacific that saw Russ Werner take the initial series lead with two hard fought wins, including a late pass on Coffin in last weekend’s finale. Don’t discount the home field advantage Coffin holds at Spokane. He knows the in’s and out’s of the track better than anyone and is always tough to pass and keep behind you at his home course. Not to be forgotten in this race is Roger Smetaniuk, who in the past has won at Spokane and is one of the few drivers to beat Coffin at his home track. The question is whether or not the car will be consistent and problem free in its first outing of the season. Steve Ross could also stir up an upset as he proved he can get around the track as fast as anyone, after starting last in the weekend finale last year and climbing all the way to a second place overall finish. Scott Morton has shown continuing improvement over the last 12 months and could move up through the field. Brad Law will bring his Zetec to Spokane for the first time and is the wild card in the field. Brian Smetaniuk rounds out the field and could have a nice weekend if his car proves reliable, finishing as high as third here in the past.

Pinto Class:
Reny Follett is the man to beat in the Pinto Class, having never lost a race at Spokane that he completed. Look for him to be strong all weekend and lead the field. His main competitors for the weekend title are returning series champ Gavin Aitken and local Dane Babkirk. Gavin will be making his 2017 debut after spending the Spring racing in the Pacific F2000 series down in California. Look for the skills he has gained down there to carry over to his races up here. Dane Babkirk started off strong, winning the first Pinto race of the season, and if not for a broken part he would probably be leading the series overall at this juncture. Look for the progress he has made in his newer VD to continue at his home track, and to be competitive at the top of the pinto field. Wade Anderson is next up in the field having ran some quick and competitive times around SCR in years past. He comes to Spokane in a new to him car, which has won NWFC races in the past. Look for him to be consistent and fast. Doug Connon makes his return after a year off and will look to be mixing it up with Jason Gillen, Steve Rogers, and Michael Webb. Brad Smith is looking forward to finishing a race this year, and it will be interesting to find out how competitive his Citation will be.

Look for Reny Follet atop the combined weekend podium, a place he was robbed of last year. Greg Coffin and Russ Werner could also be up there, if they don’t take too many points away from one another. Gavin Aitken and Dane Babkirk are next in line with a shot at the podium. Don’t be surprised if Steve Ross, Roger Smetaniuk, or Wade Anderson end up with a NWFC podium as well.

MAY 2017

RACE REPORT: Pacific Raceway 2017

Quali 1
Quali 1 came a very short time after morning practice on day one that left many drivers with very little time to perform any sort of turn -round on their cars before taking to the track. In the confusion, Russ Werner nearly missed qualifying thinking he was going out with a later group. In the only two laps he got out for he managed to barely nab the pole away from Greg Coffin, by 0.157 seconds. Dane Babkirk continued his streak of improving performances from last year to take the pinto pole by a hefty margin and slot in third overall. Scott Morton looked like his car was finally starting to do him some favors as he ended up gridding fourth. Tim Fass, making his NWFC Debut laid down a solid qualifying time, but would also have his driving weekend come to an end with an engine failure. The other half of Fass Bros would qualify with a slightly slower time, but string together a more successful weekend. Steve Litsky also made his return to racing after a long absence, but would not compete the rest of the weekend. Steve Rogers was a noticeable absence, but would make his debut later in the afternoon.

Quali 1 Results
Russ Werner (Z) - 1:25.276 z
Greg Coffin (Z) - 1:25.433 z
Dane Babkirk (P) - 1:26.251 p
Scott Morton (Z) - 1:28.156 z
Tim Fass (P) - 1:28.525 p
Geoff Fass (P) - 1:28.775 p
Steve Litsky (P) - 1:43.751 p

Steve Rogers (P) - No Time

Race 1
Race 1 was really straight forward with not much of interest to write about. The drivers finished in the order they were grid in. Greg Coffin was within a couple of seconds of Werner throughout most of the race, but never got truly close enough to really challenge. When the two hit traffic Werner made it through quickly and Coffin did not. Dane Babkirk continued to run strong and looked like he would easily claim the maximum points available for the weekend. Steve Rogers made his debut, and got quicker with nearly every lap he turned.

Race 1 Results
Russ Werner (Z) - 1:25.496
Greg Coffin (Z) - 1:26.214
Dane Babkirk (P) - 1:26.807
Scott Morton (Z) - 1:27.614
Geoff Fass (P) - 1:29.326
Steve Rogers (P) - 1:30.029

Tim Fass (P) - DNS
Steve Litsky (P) - DNS

Quali 2
Quali 2 saw a couple of drivers make modest improvements in lap times, however, once again there wasn’t much excitement from this session as the grid order for Sunday’s race was the exact same as the finishing order for Saturday’s race. This would have led one to believe that the race would be mostly a parade. Of note, Dane Babkirk had his shift linkage break.

Quali 2 Results
Russ Werner (Z) - 1:25.094
Greg Coffin (Z) - 1:26.471
Dane Babkirk (P) - 1:26.592
Scott Morton (Z) - 1:27.772
Geoff Fass (P) - 1:28.807
Steve Rogers (P) - 1:29.495

Tim Fass (P) - No Time
Steve Litsky (P) - No Time

Race 2
Even though an uneventful session was foreshadowed, the exact opposite occurred. Leading up to the race Babkirk was unable to get his linkage repaired in time and would have to miss the weekend’s final session. Scott Morton’s Van Dieman had it’s evil gremlins rear their ugly heads, and couldn’t get his car to start. Only four cars would take the start. Greg Coffin got the jump on the start and would take the lead into turn one. Steve Rogers now with nearly a full weekends worth of experience at the track was able to stay right on top of Geoff Fass. Coffin would pull away from Werner over the next couple of laps as Russ was experiencing what felt like a fuel delivery issue. Meanwhile, Rogers hung close to Fass, nose-to-tail until a missed shift caused him to lose a significant amount of time. Back at the front, it appeared as though Coffin’s signature consistency would lead him to another NWFC victory as he rattled off consistant 1:25’s, but Werner wasn’t going anywhere staying roughly 3 seconds back lap after lap. Given the chance to run without a car in front of him, Roger’s started improving on his lap times and worked his way back to Fass’s tail. Werner’s issues resolved and the chase was on, he gave it his all including turning the fastest lap of the weekend, an impressive 1:24.136 in much warmer conditions than last year’s July race. With a few laps to go both pairs of racers were nose-to-tail. Werner and Coffin had a tiny battle, the two cars being faster in different spots. Coffin clearly quicker on the straight and Werner much faster through 3a and 3b. Werner put himself in position to make a move and did so into 3a diving out of the complex quicker than Coffin could manage. Coffin would still have a chance to take the lead back, but was in too much of a hurry to make it happen and attempted the move too early instead of waiting for the opportunity to come where his car had the advantage. Werner would win the battle of race craft today and take the win by 7 tenths of a second. Meanwhile, Rogers was unable to get past Fass who would win the pinto race by just under 4 tenths of a second. Werner would sit atop the weekend podium, with Geoff Fass finishing in a surprising second overall.

Race 2 Results
Russ Werner (Z) - 1:24.136
Greg Coffin (Z) - 1:25.436
Geoff Fass (P) - 1:28.311
Steve Rogers (P) - 1:28.381

Dane Babkirk (P) - DNS
Scott Morton (Z) - DNS
Tim Fass (P) - DNS
Steve Litsky (P) - DNS

RACE PREVIEW: Pacific Raceway 2017


WIth only 3 Zetec’s planning on attending as of the writing of this preview, someone will need to sweep the weekend in order, just as Mitch Egner did in 2016. He still finished second on the overall podium for the weekend. This year it doesn’t look as though he will be running with us as he is having success down in the Pacific F2000 series. This year, look for Russ Werner, in his new Zetec, to put on a strong showing and sit atop the podium after missing the weekend last year due to an unexpected ailment. Brad Law also brings a new car to the field and will look to improve upon what he achieved in his Pinto powered Citation. Scott Morton will look to continue his improvements as he gets more used to his Van Dieman after a season that was cut short last year. If things come together for him, he has more experience at the track than nearly every other driver and won many a closed-wheeled race here in the past, look for him to challenge the other cars in class.


The Pinto field will most likely be large enough to award full bonus points, so look for the winner of this class to take the weekend overall. Reny Follett won both races last year and will look to do so again this year as the clear favorite. Hot on his heels will be Greg Coffin who will most likely be in his Pinto that has put in many a strong lap around Pacific. Dane Babkirk had a very strong showing here last year and improved every time out in his newer pinto last year, so look for that trend to continue. Newcomer Steve Rogers has tons of experience in carts around the Pacific Northwest. Look for his carting experience to carry over and lead to some success in the series after he gets his feet wet in the new car. Making their return to the NWFC field the Fass Bros. will now be fielding two cars instead of rotating between the one. Looking forward to seeing them back out there!


Look for the overall podium to be a mix of Follet, Coffin, and Werner, but don’t be surprised to see Dane Babkirk in the mix. Rogers and Morton could also be contenders if the weekends go their way. And if Brad Law’s car does him well we could see a really strong weekend. We could see even more of a shakeup if a couple of people from Vancouver can find a way to make it down, or someone decides to run a Zetec instead of a Pinto at the last minute. Regardless, those drivers making the trek to Pacific are in for a fun weekend.

AUG 2016

RACE REPORT: Castrol Raceway 2016

Cold, wet and windy was the weather forecast as the end of the NWFC season approached Castrol. The 2 Championship contenders Mitch Egner and Gavin Aitken where new to 2.7km 14 turn track so both smartly attended a test day on Friday to get acquainted. With both Mitch and Gavin having swept their classes at Mission they looked to continue their momentum at Castrol and bring home the Championship. Mitch held a slight lead going into the weekend but with the way the scoring is set up it favored the Pinto of Gavin Aitken if he could manage to knock off some of the newer Zetec cars for the extra points.


After a cold practice session to start the day the skies opened up and dampened the track as Q1 approached. The rain began letting up and the track began to dry but how much was the question. We saw the full gambit of tire selections go out wet, inter, and Steve Ross braving it on slicks. As qualifying ended it would be Mitch Egner followed by Roger Smetaniuk, Dane Babkirk and Gavin Aitken.

Castrol Race 1

The track had dried but a dark cloud loomed over the circuit threatening to rain just as the race would start. With the track still dry as the cars were called to pre-grid the last minute tire choices where made all cars went out on slicks except for Glenn Yuen on inters hoping the gamble would pay off as he didn’t have enough time to switch back over to slicks. With the hectic tire changing happening right before pre-grid Dane Babkirk didn’t get any fuel into his #2 Van Diemen so he had to pull off from pre-grid to fill up and would start from the back. This promoted Gavin Aitken up to third and brought Stephen Ross and Brian Smetaniuk forward as well. Ross and B Smetaniuk would run closely for the first half of the race and possibly a little too closely at the start before eventually being separated by traffic.

Egner’s choice of the soft compound Hoosier would be the right choice in the cold weather as he set a new track record on his way to an unchallenged overall victory. Second place would be Roger Smetaniuk in his Mygale followed by the Pinto class winner in Gavin Aitken. Glenn Yuen’s inters would push him to finishing near the back of the field as the rain never materialized. But his rival in the championship Dane Babkirk’s fueling issue would also relegate him to the back so they remained just 1 point apart going into the final race fighting for second in the Pinto Championship and 4th in the overall. Brad Law’s race would come to an early end as the teething of his new DP08 would only give him 6 laps before a battery charging issue would leave him without power. In Brad Law’s old Citation Alan McColl would fight with the setup and seating position but still manage to fight it across the line in a solid 6th place overall position and 2nd in the Pinto class.

Castrol Race 2

The final point’s race of the season would start with Mitch Egner leading the Championship by only 1 point. Mitch needed another Pinto driver to step up and stop the 4 race Pinto class win streak of Gavin Aitken if he wanted to hold onto the Championship. Gavin needed to make sure he finished in front of a Zetec or two to collect enough bonus points to move ahead of his rival.

Off the start Mitch once again opened up a big gap and did everything he could to secure his 8th overall win of the season. But with only 5 Zetec cars in the field he knew he couldn’t max out his points while Gavin Aitken could. Gavin mean while pressed hard taking 2 seconds off his personal best of the weekend and was challenging second place Roger Smetaniuk early on. Steve Ross starting near the back cut through the field chasing down Gavin Aitken in third by mid race. Brad Law’s race would not even start as he continued to fight electrical issues and would not make the grid. This meant 0.5 less points for Mitch and 1 less point for Gavin. Brian Smetaniuk struggling with grip in his Mygale locked himself in a battle with Alan McColl as he began to get comfortable in the Citation. They would battle all the way to the end of the race in 7th and 8th. Glenn Yuen now on the right tires would make the charge from the back of the pack to try and take second place in the Pinto class away from Dane Babkirk but would end up finishing just 1 spot behind his rival in 6th place. In the closing phase of the race Gavin Aitken held onto third and would win the Championship if he finished there. But a late spin would see him passed by the charging Steve Ross dropping him to fourth. As Gavin dragged the Go2Mobi Van Diemen back onto the track he came out just in front of Dane Babkirk in the second place Pinto class car. If Dane makes it past Gavin Mitch wins the Championship by 1 point if Gavin holds on he wins by 2 and a half. The last 2 laps of the race where probably a little stressful for Gavin but he manages to hold onto 4th place ahead of Dane by just over a second.

Castrol Bonus Race

With the Championship wrapped up it was time for everyone to go out and have some fun on the last race of the NWFC season. New Champion Gavin Aitken would be the only one not to start the race as he was headed on the long journey home to Victoria with his family. The race would turn out to be an interesting affair with Steve Ross quickly jumping into 3rd ahead of Dane Babkirk. Glenn Yuen would also be on the move and by mid race had worked his way from 7th to 4th.


Heading into the last weekend of the season, Mitch Egner has wrapped up the Zetec title and Gavin Aitken has clinched the Pinto championship. The only thing left to settle is the overall championship. Gavin trails Mitch by only 2 points overall. Greg Coffin is the only other driver with a chance to beat them, but after some bad luck at mission, he sits 24 points back before points adjustments and will need everything to go his way in the final weekend to repeat as NWFC champion.

On the Zetec front, Roger Smetaniuk ran away from the field last year, at least when he made it past turn 1. Expect him to do the same this year on the short, tight Castrol track that rewards experience. Mitch Egner will be seeing the track for the first time, and will look to bank on his experience with the similarly small Mission to get him to the front of this field. Steve Ross got caught up in the turn one crash here last year. Hopefully, his bad luck runs out and he can take a step forward at his home track this year. Brian Smetaniuk had a great race with Greg Coffin in race one last year. His experience at his home track has proved to be a bump to his finishing position in the past as he qualified on outside pole in 2015. Brad Law will be making his first appearance of the season in his new to him Van Diemen lets hope he has shook off his Citation luck and runs smooth all weekend.

The pinto race is shaping up to be very exciting. Greg Coffin will bring the 99 mygale back to Alberta, where it finished ahead of everyone except Roger’s Zetec in the first race last year. Last years weekend winner Teague Karall has headed back to karting leaving it wide open for the pinto group. Gavin Aitken might have something to say, as he has been very quick all season long and has shown to do well on smaller tracks in the past. It will however be his first trip to Castrol, and learning a new track might give Coffin the gap he needs. Glenn Yuen has as much experience around this track as anybody and has shown this year he can find his way to the front of the pinto field. Mike Webb will be making his first NWFC start at his home track, and is getting faster with every session on track. Dane Babkirk will be looking to have a better weekend then his trip to Castrol last year and finish off the season with a top 5 overall finish and a battle for 2nd place on the season amongst the Pinto’s with Glenn Yuen. We have a wildcard entry in the pinto class with the Club Ford king of Mission Alan McColl making an entry in Brad Law’s Citation for this race weekend. Look for Alan to quickly come to grips with the wings and put that car right in the middle of the pack.

Overall, look for some fierce competition from Mitch and Gavin as they look to win the overall NWFC championship, but expect Roger and Coffin to find their way to the front of the podium, as Coffin in particular needs the weekend sweep, and Roger is always tough to beat at his home track.


For the series second year at Mission the weather cooperated a bit more than last year giving us some cooler temps leading to a fast track especially on the Sunday. 11 drivers managed to set new personal bests over the weekend as track conditions and competition improved.

Early season leader Greg Coffin’s bad luck at Mission continued on from last season, as he would only finish 1 out of the 3 races during the weekend. Series rookie and new championship leader Mitch Egner put in the performance that we all saw coming way back in May by taking the sweep at his home track. Not only did Mitch move into the lead in the Championship but he clinched the Zetec class crown as well. The Pinto class went to another home town favorite in Gavin Aitken who also moves up in the championship to 2nd overall. With Gavin’s Pinto class wins over the weekend he clinches the Pinto championship and sits only 2 points behind Mitch overall going into the final round at Castrol.

Mission Race 1

For race 1 some tension seemed to be in the air with the large field ready to get racing and when the time came they did not disappoint. The top 4 cars decided to see if they could all go through turn 1 together on the opening lap and managed to do it successfully with only a slight off/on by outside pole man Gavin Aitken. The lead pack consisted of Egner, Lensen, Werner, Ross and Aitken and a charging Dane Babkirk a few car lengths behind. Just back of the lead pack saw Brian Smetaniuk mixing it up with the likes of Yuen, Coffin, Nadolny and Keray Mcewan. Starting at the back was Roger Smetaniuk as once again his Mygale would not fire on the pre-grid. He was accompanied at the back of the train by new comer Mike Webb in his 97 Van Diemen.

As the close racing continued throughout the field a number of close calls and lock ups happened up and down the pack. The biggest was that of James Nadolny locking up the fronts going into 4 and narrowly missing Brian Smetaniuk before exiting down the escape road. This lock up and an ill handling car would end his race early.

After a few laps Mitch Egner opened up his lead followed by Michael Lensen and then another gap back to Werner and Aitken who looked to renew their close racing from Spokane. Ross seemed to have solidified 5th with the early chargers of Yuen and Babkirk dropping back into the mid pack battle of Coffin, Mcewan and R Smetaniuk. At the back B Smetaniuk and Webb kept the pack in sight looking for the battles up front to give them an opportunity to make a move up the order.

At the half way point Aitken had finally made his way passed Werner for the final spot on the podium and Roger Smetaniuk had separated himself from the mid pack and chased down Steve Ross taking away 5th place. The battle mid pack had continued to rage on with Coffin, Mcewan, Yuen and Babkirk swapping spots multiple times through the opening half of the race. Brian Smetaniuk held on to the back of this pack waiting for an opportunity.

The mid way point would then spell some trouble for a couple drivers as Russ Werner would miss a shift and zing the motor coming out of 3 and decide that pulling off would let him fight another day. Glenn Yuen would get it all wrong going into 3 as he tried to make a move on Dane Babkirk resulting in a spin and conceding a place to Brian Smetaniuk.

With 2 laps to go Roger Smetaniuks charge up through the field would end at fourth place as he succumb to a flat tire that would drop him back through the field and then out of the race. The podium would finish with Egner, Lensen, and Aitken until the scales where Michael Lensen would be DQ for missing weight. This would promote Steve Ross on to the 3rd step of the podium and 4th going to Keray Mcewan who managed to sneak by Greg Coffin on the last lap of the race ending their great battle. They would be followed home by Babkirk, B Smetaniuk, Yuen and Mike Webb who finished his first NWFC race.

Mission Race 2

Sunday’s first race would be grouped with the other openwheel cars in group 1 leading to some more traffic to contend with. On pole once again was Mitch Egner followed by Roger Smetaniuk and Michael Lensen. Gavin Aitken would be on the outside of row 2 followed by Ross, Nadolny and Mcewan.

Ross and Lensen would not make the grid moving everyone up. Gavin Aitken would move to 3rd on the grid and take this opportunity to move away from the field along with 1st and 2nd place as they opened up a gap early on. The leaders would keep each other in reach until around lap 7 when they began to hit traffic that would eventually spread them out.

A bit farther back James Nadolny would lead Keray Mcewan home from start to finish in 4th and 5th. Glenn Yuen would get a good start and take away 6th from Dane Babkirk early on but eventually relinquish the place as turn 3 bit him again on lap 6 taking him out of the race. Pat Wilson made his first NWFC race start after graduating from Novice on Saturday and he was joined by Mike Webb as the new comers battled it out at the start of race 2.

Behind them was some interesting stories coming from Brian Smetaniuk and Russ Werner. Brian would stall in the pre-grid and be sent to the back of the grid but having trouble starting the car would mean he wouldn’t even make it out on track for the pace lap and have to start from the pit lane. To top that start Russ Werner would miss the 5 min warning and was supposed to start from the back but with Brian and a number of other cars stalling on pre-grid he went out onto track ahead of them. Problem was he would enter the track through the pit lane not straight out for gridding so he was immediately black flagged as the race began moving him once again to the back of the field.

Werner and Smetaniuk would then make their way through the field and other classes to end up 6th and 8th respectively. In the battle of the new comers it would be Mike Webb taking 9th place from 10th place Pat Wilson.

Mission Race 3 FC Feature Race

Qualifying saw Mitch Egner continue his dominance putting the #4 machine on pole followed by Roger Smetaniuk, Gavin Aitken and Michael Lensen. Nadolny, Werner and Yuen would qualify under 2 tenths apart from each other setting up a possible close race. Further back we had Mcewan, B Smetaniuk, Babkirk and Webb. Steve Ross would get a qualifying lap in but clutch issues would eventually stop him from racing in the finale. Greg Coffin would not have the #04 Mygale ready in time for qualifying but did manage to get the car back together for the Race.

Right away Mitch Egner jumped out into a quick lead followed by Roger Smetaniuk. Michael Lensen was pressuring Gavin Aitken for 3rd place which dropped them back into the clutches of Werner, Nadolny and Yuen. Keray Mcewan lead the next group of cars back from that trailed by Greg Coffin, Dane Babkirk, Brian Smetaniuk and Mike Webb.

Lap 2 would spell the end of the race for Roger Smetaniuk as he would lose the back end of his Mygale through Turn 4 and was not able to re-fire the #16 Mygale. Mitch Egner would extend his lead on now second place Gavin Aitken who was being hounded by Michael Lensen lap after lap. Greg Coffin was followed closely by Dane Babkirk and Brian Smetaniuk for the first couple of laps until a coming together in turn 3 would end both Coffin and Babkirk’s race.

For the rest of the race things quieted down for the most part as the Michael Lensen, Gavin Aitken battle for 2nd was the best battle of the race. They remained close up until lap traffic once again became a factor on the tight 9 turn circuit that is Mission. The traffic would give Gavin Aitken the gap he needed to hold of the charge from Lensen all the way to the finish.

The final podium would be Mitch Egner, Gavin Aitken and Michael Lensen making it a clean sweep for the home town boys.


As the racing moves North of the border, look for home field advantage to be more important than ever. Greg Coffin holds onto the points lead by the slimmest of margins after a sub-par weekend by his standards at Pacific. He will look to remedy the handling woes of his Mygale in time to tame the twisty track at the River’s Edge. Hot on his heels is Mitch Egner, who has lit up his home race track this year, besting the track record on his way to numerous victories. He is coming off a dominant weekend in NWFC, as well as his previous ICSCC race at Mission last month. Look for him to sweep his class this weekend and possibly come away with the championship points lead heading into the final weekend of the series. However, if Reny Follett shows up, watch out. Reny has captured the most points per race this season, after winning every pinto race he has been in, the lone holdup was the little axel that couldn’t at Spokane, betraying him into only making the grid for one race. That said, don’t discount Gavin Aitken in fourth. He sits 1.5 pts behind Follett heading into the weekend at his home track. With two weekends to go it looks like these four will be vying for the overall championship.

That being said, don’t count out the rest of the field in any given race. Roger Smetaniuk looked outstanding in qualifying at Mission last year and is one of a couple previous lap record holders at the track in this impressive field. Michael Lensen has also previously held the lap record at the course, and will have as many laps around Mission as any driver in the paddock. His car, new to him this year, has been quick in the past, and so has Michael, however the teething process of a new car has not been favorable for him this year. If he can get his car straightened out and working for him, he could push his way to the front. Steve Ross and Greg Coffin both had car trouble last year at Mission, and Steve’s unfortunate issues continued to Spokane this year. However, when he finally put the car on the track he almost snuck out a victory in Spokane. Here’s hoping everything works well for Steve this weekend and we can finally see the car and driver put together the fantastic weekend we have seen glimpses of over the last couple of years. Expect some good finishes out of Brian Smetaniuk, who always seems to be improving throughout the weekend, and when he returns to tracks for another go around.

On the Pinto side of things, we can expect a fight between James Nadolny and Gavin Aitken. Gavin briefly held the lap record at Mission, before any Zetecs showed up, and no Pinto has ever gone faster. James runs similar lap times, and the two have split weekends in the past. Dane Babkirk got his new to him 99 Van Dieman rolling in the final session at Pacific, nearly chasing down what seemed to be, up until that point, the unstoppable Reny Follett. If Dane can keep this going he might surprise some folks at Mission and wind up atop the Pinto podium. Russ Werner and Glenn Yuen had strong outings at Spokane, but both missed Pacific for a variety of weekends. They traded positions all weekend previously and we can hope to expect more of the same up in B.C. James Nadolny has the local edge at Mission and should find himself in the mix of plenty of good racing. Mike Webb, no longer a novice will make his NWFC debut. Overall, without anything unforeseen happening, Mitch Egner should sweep the weekend’s races. However as we’ve seen in the past, the pinto class has the scoring advantage. It’s possible Gavin Aitken dominates his home track and the Pinto field and sits atop the overall podium at the end of the weekend, and if Egner should falter in one of the races, the overall season points lead.

JULY 2016



The Zetec class proved to be pretty evenly matched at Spokane over the course of the weekend and Pacific promises to be no different. After missing Spokane with various mechanical ailments, Michael Lensen looks to make his 2016 NWFC debut. He and Greg Coffin have had some great races here in the past, and both have held lap records in different sanctioning bodies in recent years, so look for their previous experience to help them out on Saturday. That being said Mitch Egner proved that once he gets up to speed he is a force to be reckoned with. These 3 should have a great race.


The Pinto field is looking like it might be small but mighty for Pacific. At Spokane, Reny Follett showed he has the chops to keep up and stay ahead of the Zetecs, if it wasn’t for an Axle failure on Saturday we would probably see Reny atop the points standings. However, Russ Werner is no slouch, after missing the 5 minute warning at Sunday’s race in Spokane he fought his way through the field finishing second in Pinto and fourth overall. Look for these two to have a great battle. That being said, Gavin Aitken will be showing up as the Pinto with the most points. After a rough weekend with a blown engine at Pacific two years ago, look for him to be out for revenge, and after a strong outing at Spokane look for him to make a run at the top spot on the Pinto podium. Lastly, Dane Babkirk has the most experience at Pacific of anyone in the Pinto class. Look for him and his fast new car to get up to speed and take home some valuable points. Alan Davis will look to make his season debut after a noted absence at Spokane. Daryl Harsha will be around during the weekend, but it looks like he is vying for the ICSCC FL crown and as such will be running group 6.


With a small field, and all Zetecs being very quick, it is unexpected that the Pinto winner(s) will get nearly the boost in bonus points they did at Spokane. Best guess is Coffin takes Saturday, Werner takes Sunday. All bets are off if Reny fixes his car and shows up.

JUNE 2016


The 2016 Championship is underway and once again Greg Coffin is out front after the first weekend just as he had done last season taking 2 out of 3 races. Last year Greg fought off charges from Roger Smetaniuk and Steve Ross but this year he would be all alone defending against the youth and speed of Mitch Egner and Reny Follett as Steve and Roger both experienced mech/elec issues all weekend long. The pinto class proved to be wide open with 3 different winners over the weekend with Gavin Aitken, Reny Follett, and Glenn Yuen all taking FC Pinto victories. CFC was a bit of a disaster with the home town favorite Lawrence Hayes’s Argo out of action and the perennial Spokane contender Alan Davis MIA it left the class open for new comer Brad Smith but luck would not be on Brad’s side as he spun a bearing in his Citation during Friday qualifying ending his weekend almost before it began.

Race 1

Qualifying Friday saw youth take the early lead with Reny Follett on pole followed closely by Mitch Egner then Greg Coffin. Yuen, Werner, Morton and Smith rounded out the qualifiers with both Smetaniuk’s making the pre grid but retiring to the pits for repairs along with Steve Ross fighting a starter issue. Gavin Aitken would win the dedication award if we had one as he and his misses welcomed their first child a mere 3 weeks ago and with a car in a million pieces he still managed to arrive at the track Friday morning.

Mitch Egner would take the early lead as he used the torque of his Zetec to get the jump on pole sitter Reny Follett in his 95 Van Diemen. Close behind was Greg Coffin studying the new challengers and staying close to see what would unfold. A little bit back we had Glenn Yuen, Russ Werner and Scott Morton making up the bulk of the field and Roger Smetaniuk working through the CF and FM fields as he had to start from the back with no qualifying time.

Going wide into turn 2 Mitch Egner would show some dirt track skills and keep the car together and pointed in the right direction but his mistake would cost him the lead as Reny Follett, Greg Coffin, Glenn Yuen, and Russ Werner would all get by. Roger Smetaniuk caught Scott Morton on lap 3 but as he attempted to pass the #96 Van Diemen he would develop a miss that would soon end his race. Shortly after Scott would have a scary moment on the front straight as he had a rear toe adjuster break and send him for a wild ride. Scott managed to keep it off the walls and in one piece luckily enough. The same lap would spell the end for another car as Russ Werner would fall to mechanical issues and retire. On the restart Reny had learned his lesson against those Zetecs and managed to stay ahead of Coffin with Yuen and Egner close behind. It would remain this way until the final lap of the race when Greg Coffin pulled out his patented move going deep into turn 5 making an exact replay of the pass he made on Roger Smetaniuk back in 2014 and taking the win. Gavin Aitken showing that determination again managed to get his car together and on track to complete a lap during the race and picked up a start point for his efforts.

Race 2

After a long night for many of the crews and drivers we had a good chunk of the field back in action for Saturday. Mitch Egner would begin to pick up speed taking poll on day 2 followed by Greg Coffin and Reny Follett. The session would be shortened with a coming together of Glenn Yuen and Greg Coffin so many drivers only got a couple laps in. Roger Smetaniuk would get is car up and running again for a fourth place on the grid followed by the tight group of Glenn Yuen, Russ Werner and Gavin Aitken seperated by a couple tenths. Dane Babkirk would return from illness running his 96 Van Diemen and come in ahead of Brian Smetaniuk who had his car back in one piece after some clutch work and another repaired car of Scott Morton. Towards the end of Qualifying Reny Folletts Van Diemen would be towed into the pits and eventually be diagnosed as a broken axle ending his weekend.

Mitch Egner would once again get the jump off the line and take the early lead. Greg Coffin would fall back towards 3 rd place Roger Smetaniuk as the 2 Mygale’s stayed close. Gavin Aitken and Russ Werner continued the close lap times that they had in Qualifying and raced from flag to flag. Brian Smetaniuk followed close behind Dane Babkirk as they were chased by Scott Morton. In the cold with rain threatening Greg Coffin made a mistake going into Turn 9 and out braked himself. Roger Smetaniuk would take the position as Coffin went down the escape road and then across the dirt and back on track falling back into the clutches of Aitken and Werner.

Further back the Dane Babkirk Brian Smetaniuk battle had been separated by lapped traffic but looked to be closing back up as we headed towards the finish. With the laps winding down Greg Coffin had gotten clear of the Aitken and Werner battle and had his sights set back on second place Roger Smetaniuk. Mitch Egner was free and clear and just had to keep it on the road for his first NWFC win. With 5 laps to go Roger Smetaniuk’s Mygale began to fail him once again and the misfire that took him out of race one returned as he slowed Greg Coffin pressed hard but ran out of laps to run down the limping Mygale. As the last Lap flag was shown Brian Smetaniuk caught the draft of #2 Dane Babkirk and they headed through 1 side by side. Going into turn 2 Smetaniuk was the first to get on the brakes and back out of it which turned out to be the right choice as Babkirk waited a split second to long sending him wide through 2. Unable to hold onto it with the excess speed Dane ended up on top of the hill on the outside of 2 waiting for a tow back to the pits.

Race 3

Mitch Egner became the second fastest person ever around Spokane in an FC with a time of 1:24.791 on route to his second pole of the weekend. Greg Coffin continued his chase in second place and Roger Smetaniuk rounded out the top 3 with his car seemed to be up and running again. The Pinto battle continued in 4 th through 6 th with Russ Werner, Gavin Aitken and Glenn Yuen covered by the same small blanket that the spent the whole weekend under. Brian Smetaniuk, Dane babkirk and Scott Morton would round out the top 10. Steve Ross had got his #72 Van Diemen running but then lost the dash and didn’t make it out for Qualifying so would start the race at the back of the grid.

With the 5 min warning called on the pre-grid Russ Werner’s 95 Van Diemen was absent so he ended up having to start the race on the back row alongside Steve Ross. Up front Mitch Egner once again got the jump and took off with a strong lead followed by Greg Coffin. 3 rd place Roger Smetaniuk was on the way backwards through the field as cars where passing him at the end of the long straights and he was at the tail end of the FC field by lap 3 obviously down on power. A few laps in and Egner had lengthened his lead with a gap back to Coffin then another small gap back to Aitken. Slightly behind Aitken came the train of Yuen, Ross, Werner, Babkirk, B Smetaniuk and Morton. By the mid way point Yuen had taken Aitken’s 3 rd place and was being pursued by the hard charging Steve Ross making up for a weekend of frustration. Aitken had fallen back into the grips of another hard charger in Russ Werner who was looking to regain his lost spot on the grid. Roger Smetaniuk had power in his Mygale once again and had worked his way back through Morton, Babkirk and the elder Smetaniuk and was closing the gap on Werner and Aitken.

After the halfway point Mitch Egner’s race came apart as the camber shim nuts came loose on the #4 machine leading to him having to pull off and out of the lead. This handed the lead over to Greg Coffin but Coffin was keeping his eyes in the mirror as he saw Steve Ross coming on hard as he had passed Glenn Yuen to take over second place. Yuen was beginning to be pressured by Roger Smetaniuk who had worked through the Aitken / Werner battle in under a lap. Further back Brian Smetaniuk, Scott Morton and Dane Babkirk continued to battle it out. A lap after Egners exit Roger Smetaniuk lost the back end of his car coming off the back straight and Werner and Aitken got back passed. After the spin the car wasn’t feeling great so Smetaniuk made the decision to park it. With the laps counting down the running order would remain the same with Greg Coffin taking his second win followed by Steve Ross and the Pinto winner Glenn Yuen.

We also had 2 new NWFC drivers completing their novice races over the weekend as Mike Webb methodically decreased his lap times over the weekend in group 6 even after having a scare with a body panel failure at over 100mph. The other new comer Jason Gillen running Wade Andersons #68 Van Diemen in group 6 also made some great strides in lap times over the weekend hopefully they will be joining the rest of the field by the time we hit Mission.

Next stop for the series is Pacific Raceways.

JAN 2016

2015 Season

Well for the first full season of the NWFC series we have to say we are pretty happy with how it turned out. We had hoped to average 10-15 cars per event and we came close to achieving this during the mid season events the bookend events not so much. We picked up the Primus sponsorship by no fault of our own (Thanks Reny). We managed to have a pretty good cash prize race out at Mission (Thanks Michael, Brad and SCCBC) along with a very generous tow fund. 10 People actually showed up in the far far north east that is Castrol. 23 separate FC drivers competed at NWFC events throughout the season with another 5 or so drivers that we still consider active missing this season but we hope to see out next year. Word of mouth seems to be working for us on Apexspeed and social media as we have heard many positive responses from people about the series. We had 5 new drivers join us this past season and we have heard of about half a dozen more who have already purchased cars for the upcoming 2016 season. Also a late congratulations to Greg Coffin for winning the 2015 NWFC championship.

2016 Season

We are happy to announce that PR1MUS is back on board for 2016 with a similar prize structure to what we had in 2015. We have also been invited back to Mission as the feature race for the SCCBC weekend that was such a success this past season (If you missed it last season make sure to make it this season). We have decided to shorten up the season slightly this year from 5 weekends to 4 hopefully this will allow people to reach more events and make the max number of points races in an attempt to win the championship. Point scoring and weights have been changed to help even out the field on the track as well as in the standings. We have not implemented a spec tire for the series as it would need to provide a substantial savings to our drivers or at least a contingency program for them to be seen as a plus to the series. For 2016 we hope to send out a driver package before each event to be coupled with our race preview this will have all the information one will need to attend an NWFC weekend. The package will include info on camping/registration/hotels/parking and other track specific details and rules that may be different from event to event as we move in between sanctioning bodies. We would also like to hold a bbq/dinner/event at each of the weekends to give everybody an opportunity to get to know each other a bit more and unwind after a day of racing.

Now the part everyone has been asking about. The schedule!

SEPT 2015

RACE REPORT: Castrol Raceway 2015

The twisty twelve turn Castrol Raceway, located just south of Edmonton, Alberta was the venue for NWFC races 9, 10 and 11 the last weekend of August. Race 9 saw Roger Smetaniuk in his SJ04 Mygale walk away from the eight car field in qualifying and lead all laps taking the win Saturday at his home track. Sunday would be a different matter as new winner Teaque Karall would top the podium for races 10 and 11 in his RF98 pinto powered Van Dieman. Championship leader Greg Coffin’s SJ07 was not race ready so he dusted of his trusty 1999 pinto powered Mygale and found the podium all three races. Qualifying

Saturday morning the combined single qualifying session for all the weekend’s races saw Roger Smetaniuk demonstrate how Castrol Raceway should be driven as he easily was the class of the field in his Ztec powered Mygale SJ04. Brian Smetaniuk in his Van Dieman Ztec made it a family affair on the front row by qualifying second. Greg Coffin surprised the field in his 99 Mygale posting the fastest Pinto time, just 0.09 seconds off Brian’s time to qualify third, followed by Teaque Karall (98 Van Dieman), 0.15 seconds further back, Steven Ross (2001 Van Dieman), Dane Babkirk (96 Van Dieman), and Glen Yuen (2001 Van Dieman).

Disaster struck Saturday morning for Wade Anderson whose red and white 2001 Van Dieman pitched slightly sideway going full tilt through the washboard turn one, tagging the tire wall, removing the rear wing and a corner. Wade, ever the cheerful fellow, manage to wave to the crowd as he spun around.

Coffin meanwhile was flat towed in with the second dead battery of the day and was facing a 30 minute race with a 15 minute battery. Things were looking good for Roger Smetanuik to take the Championship lead.

Race 1

Roger Smetaniuk’s SJ04 Mygale drove away from the field and led every lap to take a convincing win.

Today’s race would be for second thru 5th place as Brian Smetaniuk closely followed by Coffin, Karall and Steven Ross formed a four car train for the first half of the race, with Dane Babkirk (96 Van Dieman) and Glen Yuen slowly dropping back. Smetaniuk and Coffin gradually separated from the train with Smetaniuk pulling away on the high speed bits and Coffin making use of his Mygale’s sweet handling through the tight corners to catch up. With a 125 total years on the planet between these two drivers age and treachery were on equal terms. Coffin held back, and then applied pressure, waiting for Smetaniuk to make a mistake but it never happened. Coffin was faced with getting the Pinto past the torque superior Ztec. With less than 10 minutes to go he tucked in behind Smetaniuk thru turns 1 and 2 got a slightly better exit out of three and darted to the inside under braking into 4. The two drove side by side thru 4 and Coffin finally completed the pass going into turn 5. With the twisty bits ahead Coffin managed a small gap, which became larger as Smetaniuk dealt with overheating issues. Smetaniuk charged back once his car cooled to try a last lap pass headed into turn one. With Coffins 14 month old tires finally showing their age it looked as if Smetaniuk might pull it off as his front tires drew even with Coffins rears going down the front straight. However, Coffin, who is usually quite generous with giving room to fellow racers, left only a tiny crack this time and Smetaniuk wisely chose to back out and set him up for a underneath pass going into three. All was going well, Coffin stayed high, and true to his form of slow in fast out he left the door open. Smetaniuk’s Blackjack Fabrication Van Diemen went low …….. to low, and dropped a wheel off track, spinning and a losing a position to third place finisher Steven Ross. Dane Babkirk had a solid drive that included a bit of agricultural work to finish 5th followed by Karall and Yuen.

Race 2

As the cars took the grid for race 2 Sunday morning the smart money was on Roger Smetaniuk to assume the championship lead, the only question was by how much. Coffin had solved his battery problem by adding a second battery on Saturday and, although confident of finishing, the new tires on Karall’s car, and Brian Smetaniuk ahead on the grid made slim odds of grabbing another second place finish.

The front row consisted of a Stohr DSR (carbon fiber body with racer tape numbers) on pole, Smetaniuk’s Mygale in the 2 spot and another sports racer alongside Brian Smetaniuk on the second row. Followed by Coffin and Karall in row three. But, row three was only a suggestion to the starter who threw the green for the tightly packed 1-5 cars as the rest of the field was full throttle 6 lengths back trying to catch up! Coffin said “it was one of those starts where you could see no one in the front group was going to give an inch, and I was just hoping the guys going full throttle trying to catch up would use good judgement headed into turn one”.

Entering turn one in the lead the Stohr driver tapped his brakes forcing Roger Smetaniuk to apply his on the dreaded washboard pitching him into the tire wall followed by Brian Smetaniuk’s Van Dieman. Coffin sensing disaster had backed off the throttle entering turn one just in time to see Karall charge by on the outside headed for the mangled Smetaniuks. Coffin drove to the extreme inside through the carnage, miraculously followed by Karall. Babkirk arrived on the scene, came to a full stop, only to find his wing and front corner being used as a landing pad for Ross’s Van Dieman that had been launched onto two wheels by flying tires from the unsecured, unbound tire wall. Glenn Yuen slowly motored through destruction to assume third place in the #88 Dynamic Risk Van Diemen.

At the restart Coffin noticed that his exhaust was unusually loud. Fearing that either his muffler, head pipe or header had become detached he moved aside letting Karall and Yuen pass and motoring to an ugly third place. Karall took the win followed by Yuen.

Race 3

Race three saw a severely depleted field take the green. The remaining Continentals had requested and received a split start. All three were through turn one, two and three safely with Coffin in the lead over Karall and Yuen. Headed to turn four Coffin saw a dark flag franticly being waved by the corner station and in a monumental brain fade processed it as a black flag. Slowing through turn four he was passed by Karall and realized that in Alberta all the flag stations wave the green flag on the first lap. Regardless, Karall was by, and in the faster car he was never to be challenged. Karral took his second win of the day followed by Coffin and Yuen.

AUG 2015

RACE PREVIEW: Castrol Raceway 2015

Possible Winners – Roger Smetaniuk, Teague Karall
Podium Contenders – Brian Smetaniuk, Greg Coffin, Wade Anderson,
Steve Ross

Track record holder Zac Burke will not be in an FC for the upcoming event but the car that he set the record in will be there in the hands of Brian Smetaniuk. Coming off a rough Mission weekend where battery/alternator issues plagued the #19 Blackjack Fabrication Van Diemen, Brian hopes to be in podium contention as one of the few drivers that will have FC track experience at Castrol. The person with probably the most laps around Castrol in an FC car is Teague Karall in the #3 F12 Networks – Crystal Kids 1998 Van Diemen. With a reduced schedule this season due to a new little racer at home Teague looks to take some points and maybe some wins away from the rest of the field in his only NWFC outing this season. Second in the championship Roger Smetaniuk looks to improve his finishing percentage this coming weekend and collect as many points as possible in his home races. With the #16 Blackjack Fabrication Mygale finishing in the top 2 for every race it has finished, Roger needs to finish every race if he is to maximize his points and continue to fight for the top spot in the championship.

Team HPR and it’s 4 drivers look to have a slightly better outcome than in Mission, where a number of little issues kept the team from having the results they wanted. Steve Ross hopefully will have the #72 Riegel Tuning 2008 Van Diemen back running after clutch issues spoiled the last half of his Mission weekend. Wade Anderson was running much stronger at Mission than results would show and if he can keep the speed up and come through at the finish line look for him to be fighting for the podium at Castrol. Doug Connon seems to be the model of consistency this year finishing all races he has started and has been rewarded with a current 7th in the championship in his 1994 Van Diemen. Glenn Yuen missed out on Mission but looks to be back for Castrol in the #88 Dynamic Risk 2000 Van Diemen. Glenn has a number of laps around Castrol in other types of cars and if he can translate that over to his FC he could be a surprise towards the top of the time sheets.

After a long rebuild of the #2 1996 Van Diemen Dane Babkirk finished 2 of the 3 Mission races although not without some teething issues. Dane now heads to Castrol with some confidence in the car and looks to work on setup and overall speed now that the initial shakedown is done. Championship leader Greg Coffin probably would like to forget the problems he had out at Mission as he never really got the #04 2007 Mygale going with an unknown motor/electrical issue. But on the bright side with Roger Smetaniuks DNF in the last race Greg managed to hold onto the the Championship lead by 9 points or 1 race win. We are not sure what we will see Greg in at Castrol as he has the option of switching back to his 1999 Pinto Powered Mygale if he can’t get the 2007 car fixed in time. We are sure that he will be in contention with whatever car he chooses.

The BC boys are a a bit of an unknown will any make the trek out to Alberta? As many of the Alberta guys did last race weekend at Mission. Michael Lensen sitting 3rd in the points could definitely help his championship bid by adding another 3 races at Castrol. The recently announcement partnership between CACC and WCMA adding $100 tow money for each crossover driver could help some of the BC guys make the trip as well. Rumors are out of a possible James Nadolny appearance and after a very strong weekend he could easily move up from 6th in the standings at Castrol.

JULY 2015

RACE REPORT: Mission Raceway 2015

It was hot in BC with temperatures being an issue for drivers and cars alike, but NWFC Championship Races 6, 7 and 8 are now in the books with three different winners. Micheal Lensen and Gavin Aitken, in Pinto powered Van Diemans, joined now two time winner Roger Smetaniak and his Mygale on the top of the podium.

Early season leader Greg Coffin had engine/fuel issues all weekend, and the rest of the field was poised to take advantage and eliminate his lead. Second place championship contender Roger Smetaniuk in his Mygale SJ04 looked to capitalize by taking pole for all 3 races, but was unable to seal the deal with a first, a second and a DNF. Mission home town favorite, Michael Lensen, outscored everyone with a first and two seconds, and moved into 3rd in the championship. Brad Law, in his 91 Citation, surprised the field with inspired drives, netting the second most points of the weekend, with two thirds and a fourth.

Mission Race 1

Qualifying Saturday saw a breakaway drivers on row 1, and a large tightly spaced group behind. Roger Smetaniuk, using experience from last year, put the #16 Mygale on pole 3 tenths under the track record. Outside pole Michael Lensen, in his RF97, was the fastest pinto, just over a second off Smetaniuk’s pole. Row 2 saw new comer James Nadolny driving Steve Ross’s ex-RF98 pinto to 3rd, next to the same Steve Ross in his Van Diemen DP08 ztec. Grid positions 5th thru 9th consisted of Brian Smetaniuk, Gavin Aitken, Wade Anderson, Brad Law, Keray Mcewan, and Doug Connon all within a second. It looked to be a tight race. Dane Babkirk and championship leader Greg Coffin suffered mechanical woes in FC qualifying and were relegated to the back.

Unfortunately, all the above would not matter as timing and scoring failed to merge the FC qualifying session into the race 1 grid relegating those who qualified in the FC session to the back. This juggled the grid and awarded Lensen, Aitken and Babkirk an almost 10 car gap back to the rest of the FC field.

To make matters worse Roger Smetaniuk’s Mygale refused to fire as the field left pre-grid. His race would start from the hot pits as the leaders hit turn 3. Aitken took the lead followed by Lensen, often less than a car length behind. Nadolyn fell back but kept the leaders in sight. Brad Law showing good speed worked his way up to fourth while Nadolny slowly reeled in Lensen and Aitken. Atkin although leading was struggling with heating issues in his RF98. Brian Smetaniuk got it all wrong spinning going into turn 7 and dropped to the back on lap 2. Wade Anderson’s Van Diemen RF01 experienced power issues early on and retired on lap 8 with a loose carb jet. By mid-race Roger Smetaniuk had dragged his Mygale SJ04 up to 5th place. After a couple laps locked in a tight battle with Brad law in his Department 9 1991 Citation Smetaniuk was in fourth cutting through the field and gaining on the leaders, on pace for a last lap show down. Lensen, who had a different idea, then took the lead and simply drove away from everyone.

With 5 laps to go James Nadolny was all over the back of the struggling Aitken, who was nursing his Van Diemen home in the heat. As they battled Roger Smetaniuk joined them to make it a 3 car fight for 2nd,3rd and 4th. After a few tight laps in traffic Aitken retired the #33 Go2modi Van Diemen. Roger Smetaniuk drove thru to 2nd and James Nadolny bringing the Mainland Hardchrome Van Diemen RF98 home in third. Lensen calmly maintained a 12 to 14 second gap over eventual second place finisher Smetaniuk right up until the last couple laps to take the win in the ACIC Van Diemen RF97.

Mission Race 2

Sunday qualifying saw Roger Smetaniuk in his Blackjack Fabrication Mygale SJ04 take pole followed by James Nadolny in his Van Diemen RF98. The second row saw race 1 winner Michael Lensen paired with Wade Anderson and a third row of Brad Law and Steve Ross, all four within 0.5sec on the time sheets. Rounding out the top 10 where Brian Smetaniuk, Gavin Aitken, Dane Babkirk and Doug Connon.

This time Michael Lensen had trouble on pre grid and started from the back giving his 3rd place grid spot to Wade Anderson. The race began with an outside pass attempt in turn one by James Nadolny who held station side by side with pole sitter Roger Smetaniuk all the way thru the exit of Turn 2. Brad Law, Brian Smetaniuk and Steve Ross made it past Wade Anderson on the opening sequence of corners.

By lap 2 Roger Smetaniuk began to open up a small lead as Brad Law challenged Nadolny for 2nd. Brian Smetaniuk was a little farther behind in forth and then a decent sized gap back to the hard charging Michael Lensen, who had already brought his 97 Van Diemen to 5th. By lap 3 Lensen had taken 4th place from Brian Smetaniuk and had his sights on the top 3. Lap 5 saw Steve Ross attempted a late brake pass on the outside of turn 1 on Brian Smetaniuk resulting in a drop back through the field after spinning.

Two laps later it was James Nadolny’s turn for a mistake when he went deep into turn 7 letting both Brad Law and Michael Lensen thru into 2nd and 3rd. For the next 8 laps Wade Anderson tried to get by Brian Smetaniuk and was finally rewarded on Lap 14 getting by on the inside of turn 1. By this time Michael Lensen had moved passed Brad law into second equaling Roger Smetaniuk’s first race run of last to second. As the race came to a close Doug Connon brought the #44 machine passed a struggling Steve Ross (clutch issues) for a 7th place finish. The final podium was Roger Smetaniuk followed by Michael Lensen and Brad law. Lensen and Smetaniuk would enter the final race deadlocked in total points for the event.

Mission Race 3 FC Feature Race

Qualifying saw a grid of Roger Smetaniuk, Michael Lensen on the front row. The second row had Gavin Aitken, who missed race 2 to solve his overheating issues, and James Nadolny. Wade Anderson was supposed to be with Brian Smetaniuk on row three, but Brian took a spot at the back of the field with alternator issues. Brad Law moved up followed by Doug Connon and Dane Babkirk. Steve Ross who qualified 4th but was out with clutch issues passed his ECU over to Greg Coffin in an attempt to get him out and on track for the last race. Coffin, with a lot of help from fellow racers, managed to unload his trailered Mygale, fuel it, attach the nose, replace the ECU and arrange for the SCCBC gator to give him a pull start, and made the grid in 28 minutes flat.

Gavin Aitken was the big mover at the start as he jumped quickly into second by turn 2 followed by Michael Lensen, James Nadolny and Brad Law. By turn one it was obvious that Greg Coffin’s issue was not ECU related and he pulled into the turn 2 escape road, disappointed with his weekend, but with a big smile on his face reflecting upon how everyone had pulled together to get him on the track. Meanwhile leader Roger Smetaniuk attempted to open a gap but 2nd place Gavin Aitken refused to back down putting in a race lap record 1:08.1. Four laps later leader Roger Smetaniuk’s car bottomed out under braking into turn 5 and Aitken’s pinto went into the lead. Two corners later the bottom bolt in Smetaniuk’s upright left the building sending him the off track and out of the race. A few laps later Wade Anderson moved past Brad Law into 4th, but strange engine noises from the #68 Van Diemen ended his race soon after. Brad Law, seeing a second podium insight, ran down James Nadolny and made the pass on lap 13 of the feature race. The Final podium was Gavin Aitken, Michael Lensen and Brad Law. James Nadolny came home forth followed by Dane Babkirk completing his first weekend in his freshly rebuilt Van Diemen RF96 in fifth and Doug Connon rounding out the top six.

After the calculation of points the PR1MUS weekend winners are

1st – Michael Lensen
2nd – Brad Law
3rd – Roger Smetaniuk
Random Draw Winner for the weekend – Doug Connon
A special thanks goes out to SCCBC. We will be back!

Next stop Castrol Raceway.

Mission Race Preview

Possible Winners – Gavin Aitken, Michael Lensen
Podium Contenders – Roger Smetaniuk, James Nadolny, Steve Ross,
Greg Coffin, Marty Knoll

Gavin Aitken holds the track record at Mission by under a tenth of a second over former track record holder Michael Lensen. Look for these 2 to be nose to tail for most of the races. Locals Marty Knoll and Brad Law can always get into the mix especially if we see some rain. Some unknowns are the 2 new drivers in FC at Mission, James Nadolny and Keray McEwan. Both have Mission track experience and if they get a couple local events in before NWFC comes to town they might be in the fight for a win or a strong podium finish. If Sheldon Lemoine can get his car together he is a fast driver and almost a shoe in for a podium if he attends.

The Alberta guys are coming so look for Team HPR to be in the mix. With a strong outing in Spokane Steve Ross is coming to grips with his new Van Diemen quickly and Wade Anderson looks to be returning to form of 2 seasons ago. Glen Yuen and Doug Connon continue to improve with the added seat time so look for them to be in some close racing mid pack. Brian and Roger Smetaniuk had some nose remodeling down in Spokane but hopefully the cars will be turned around quickly enough and they can use the torque of their Zetecs to bring home some strong finishes.

Down south we have Greg Coffin in his championship leading Mygale threatening to attend and bringing Dane Babkirk in his 96 Van Diemen fresh off a rebuild with him. Hopefully they both are suited to the tighter confines of Mission compared to their usual wide open haunt in Spokane.

Some unkowns are James Hepburn who is somewhat local to Mission but hasn’t been heard from for a while after his motor troubles of last season. Another is Russ Werner who is within half a point of second in the championship. If he plans to make a run at it he will need this event to make up his 10 races for the season. Rumors about Nicholas Belling looking for a ride to come join the fight in NWFC for the weekend are making their rounds so we will see if a ride materializes for him.

      MotorsportsReg Link

It is up on the website or follow the link above

Register for the FC feature first and fill out your info then add an additional entry to the CACC races. This will give you 4 races total if you choose to run them all. The first 2 CACC races will count for NWFC series points along with the FC feature race. The 4th race can be used as one of your alternates or if you miss a race early in the weekend due to a mechanical. For qualifying we will qualify during the FC qualy time and your time will be used for the CACC openwheel group so you wont have to qualify twice so close together.

(Your second entry will be under Formula Libre as a class as there is no local FC class)

As always register early online to lure those fence sitters out to the track.

JUNE 2015


Championship Races 3, 4 and 5 are now in the books. The early season leader is Greg Coffin (Mygale SJ07) followed by Roger Smetaniuk (Mygale SJ04), and Russ Werner’s very quick RF95 Van Diemen. Coffin enjoyed home court advantage at ORP and Spokane with 5 poles and 5 fastest laps, but his advantage will evaporate as the series travels to Mission, Castrol and the final at The Ridge. It is still anyone’s game.

Spokane Race 1

Qualifying Friday saw a front row lock out by Coffin and Smetaniuk’s Mygales. Steven Ross (DP08) and Brian Smetaniuk (RF01) completed the second row followed by Russ Werner (RF95), Doug Connon (RF94), Wade Anderson (RF01), Lawrence Hayes (Argo JM17) and Alan Davis (Crossle 68 F). Reny Follet (RF95), Pat Wildfire (Mygale99) and Micheal Hilliker (RF96) were required to complete observation races prior to joining the fray, and race chairman Jay Sharp (Swift DB-3) was otherwise occupied.

Coffin got the hole shot at the start for a narrow lead. Smetaniuk tucked in behind and took the lead into turn one followed by Coffin and Ross. By turn 2 the Mygales were side by side. Déjà vu all over again as this was how they drove the last lap of 2014. The Duo proceeded in formation until Coffin completed an outside pass exiting turn four.

Lap four saw the Mygales and Ross’s Van Dieman gap the field in a three way race for the lead. Smetaniuk hit the brakes late into turn 9, completed a near perfect apex and exit, caught the draft and blew by Coffin into the lead before turn 1. Coffin’s 1000 plus laps at Spokane paid dividends as he darted to the right into turn 4 and retook the lead.

The two Mygales slowly pulled away from Ross’s Van Dieman, who was black flagged for noise on lap 17. The same lap that Brian Smetaniuk’s RF01 would lose its nose and wing after introducing them to, and spinning, Russ Werner in turn 7.

For 13 laps Smetaniuk fought off every attempt Coffin made to park him behind traffic. On lap 18 karma awarded Smetaniuk a perfect pick by a club ford and he took the lead. Coffin managed to pull beside the SJ04 in turn 4 on lap 19, but was unable to make the pass. Lap 20 started with the LL( last lap) sign. Smetaniuk mistook it for double hockey sticks. Coffin got a slightly better exit out of turn nine, caught the draft and pass for the lead before turn one. He proceeded to drive 10 tidy turns to take the checkered flag by less than a half car length. Wade Anderson rounded out the podium taking third with a fine drive from his seventh grid spot, followed by Brian Smetaniuk, Connon, Davis, Ross and Werner. Hayes DNFed (brakes).

Spokane Race 2

Race two saw another front row lock out by the blue Mygales followed by Ross and Werner on the second row, Anderson, Connon, Hayes, Glenn Yuen (RF00), Sharp (Swift DB3), new comer Micheal Hilliker and Brian Smetaniuk rounding out the field. Pat wildfire and Alan Davis experienced motor failures before the start of the race.

The race started much as race one with Coffin and Smetaniuk swapping the lead in the early laps dogged by Ross who slowly dropped back and found himself under attack by Werner’s well driven RF95. Smetaniuk pull out a lead over Coffin on lap 13 and simply drove away. Coffin’s hope that the SJ04 would hit traffic never materialized. When asked why he lost Coffin replied “I was out driven, simple as that”. A well deserved win. Ross came in third followed by Werner, Anderson, Hayes, Connon, Sharp, and Hilliker. Brian Smetaniuk and Yuen DNFed.

Werner became the second pinto FC to turn a 26 (1:26.609), less than a second behind Coffins fast lap of 1:25.678.

Spokane Race 3

Going into Race three the two Mygale drivers each had 18.5 points for the weekend.

Qualifying was a surprise. Coffin experienced fuel starvation on his only clean lap, but took pole. Smetaniuk came in early and Ross captured outside pole. Doug Connon had a fine qualifying effort taking 4th followed by Brian Smetaniuk, new comer Reny Follet in his beautiful RF95, Hayes, Scott Morton (DB3), Yuen, Anderson and Werner who missed qualifying.

At the start Ross attempted to force the pace, but pole sitter Coffin retaliated by slowing to a crawl. The moment Ross lifted Coffin hit the throttle and was rewarded with a green flag. Age and treachery (Coffin) vs age and treachery (Ross) controlled by age and treachery (the starter).

Turn one saw Coffin followed by Smetaniuk and Ross. Ross and Smetaniuk drove side by side through turn two with Ross coming out ahead. The three then began to pull away, each demonstrating where they were faster or slower than the other. Coffin consistently pulled a gap out of seven and drove nine well enough to break the draft on the long straight. He slowly pulled away as the Smetanuik vs Ross battle raged. Werner was carving through the field from last to fifth by lap seven.

On lap 8 Smetaniuk got a run on Ross and caught the draft. The Mygale pulled out to pass drivers right at plus 140 mph as the two headed into turn one. The nose of the SJ04 was midway up the side of the Van Dieman when the cars came together. Coffin checked his mirrors to see spinning cars, flying debris and a huge dust cloud. Both drivers, luckily, walked away unhurt.

Coffin took the checkered. Werner bested Brian Smetaniuk who completed the podium in third. Hayes finished fourth followed by Connon, Morton and Anderson, whose nose was squashed by a Formula Mazda. Yuen, Follet (shift linkage), Ross and Smetaniuk DNFed.

Spokane Race Preview

Well after a rough start to the season in Oregon we move to what is usually the best attended race of the season in Spokane. This year we are anticipating a 15-20 car field so make sure your car is ready.

Last year’s winner Zac Burke will not be racing this season so that leaves the chance for someone else to step atop the podium. Coming off 2 wins at ORP, Greg Coffin looks to be the favorite going into his home event and with his new Zetec powered 2007 Mygale he could be tough to beat. Last year’s runner up in Spokane Roger Smetaniuk will be returning in his Zetec powered 2004 Mygale so look for him somewhere on the podium. Steve Ross looks to make his first appearance of the season in his new Zetec powered Team HPR 2008 VanDiemen hopefully he has a handle on the new car and can challenge for some race wins. The rest of the HPR crew will be there and after his year off we look to see if Wade Anderson still has what it takes to bring his Pinto powered 2001 VanDiemen back to the podium in Spokane. With his shortened rookie season behind him, Glenn Yuen looks to return to Spokane in his 2000 Pinto powered VanDiemen and continue on with the improvements he made last season. Doug Connon in his 1994 VanDiemen had some close battles with Glenn last year in Spokane and plans to stay ahead of him in again in the inter-team battle.

On the CFC side of things we have last year’s CFC champion Lawrence Hayes in his Argo looking to do battle up front as always. Brad Law coming off a rough opening weekend at ORP and looks to put his mechanical issues behind him and get some full races distances in his 91 Citation. Alan Davis was unable to compete at ORP but he looks to start his season at one of his usual haunts in Spokane. Daryl Harsha showed some new found speed in his 1983 VanDiemen at ORP and hopefully he will continue that charge in Spokane. Some local challengers James Sharp Jr in his Swift DB3 and Dane Babkirk in his 1996 VanDiemen look to make some waves at their home race.

Some potential unknowns for Spokane include some fast people such as James Hepburn who had a rough 2014 season but if he can bring the speed he showed in his Club Ford over to his 1998 Pinto Powered VanDiemen he could be a real threat in Spokane. Gavin Aitken is running a shortened season this year but if he could put in strong showings in Spokane, Mission and the Ridge he could still be a contender for the 2015 title in the Go2Mobi 1998 VanDiemen. Will we see a Fass brother enter into the fray in their 1996 VanDiemen? We anticipated Russ Werner to be at ORP a couple weeks ago but last season’s Ridge race winner was nowhere to be found could he be coming for his first attempt at Spokane in 2015?

More from the BC contingent we have Michael Lensen in his 1997 VanDiemen which he spent the end of last season getting familiar with. Can he make a return to the podium in Spokane in its new configuration? Two new drivers from BC could make an appearance James Nadolny and Keray McEwan have picked up VanDiemen in the offseason and have been spotted getting ready for the season out at Mission Raceway.

Not enough hours in the day kept Reny Follett and Sheldon Lemoine from making it to ORP but both plan on being in Spokane in a couple weeks. Reny will make his NWFC debut in his 1995 VanDiemen while Sheldon will return to Spokane in his 1996 VanDiemen which he grabbed a couple podiums with back in 2013. Another new comer is Pat Wildflower who will be working on getting his full license with us over the weekend in his 1999 Mygale.

As always register early to help get those fence sitters off the fence and into the race.

Possible Winners: Greg Coffin, Roger Smetaniuk, Steve Ross
Podium Contenders: Sheldon Lemoine, Wade Anderson, Gavin Aitken,
James Hepburn, Russ Werner, Lawrence Hayes, Michael Lensen

ORP Review

The attrition for the weekend started long before anyone arrived at the track. Steve Smith had an incident the week prior at Pacific, taking 2 corners off the left of the car. Alan Davis was a mysterious no-show. Others who had said they would make it to ORP had issues getting supplies to get their cars race ready in time. Hopefully they all make it to Spokane next month.

Quali on Saturday was the first time that any of the drivers other than Daryl Harsha saw the counterclockwise configuration of ORP. It proved to be a much easier configuration to learn than clockwise and saw Brad Law and Greg Coffin taking about 1.5 sec a lap of their previous lap times. Coffin even managed to set the first of his FC lap records for the weekend, previously held by Daryl Harsha

Coffin 1:52.016
Harsha 1:57.127
Law 2:00.245

Saturday’s race saw Coffin relegated to the back of the pack as he missed the 5 minute warning for pre-grid. Daryl Harsha took advantage of the opportunity. Starting from pole he put a big gap on the field as Coffin worked his way through traffic. Brad Law picked up an ignition issue on the pace lap and pulled in before the start. Coffin finally caught Daryl halfway through the race and was able to lay down a fast lap good enough for the FC lap record as well as the overall track record in the CCW direction.

Coffin 1:47.107
Harsha 1:53.922 (personal best)
Law: DNF

Sunday Qualifying went similar to Saturday’s. Brad Law broke a clutch line towards the end of qualifying though as his luck continued to suffer through the weekend and he went home early. Pat Wildflower Brought his 99 mygale out to go through his first novice race on Sunday. Unfortunately, he had a rod knock after 8 laps, but was able to get the car to run competitive lap times. He also was able to rent a close-wheeled car to complete his novice session and should be joining us in Spokane.

Coffin 1:47.892
Harsha 1:56.304
Law 1:56.856

The final race of the weekend saw only two cars take the gird and they were able to finish the way they started. Greg Coffin was able to string together another fast lap to lower the class and overall lap record even further, but lap times were rather inconsistent throughout the session. As he was loading the car into the trailer he realized that he forgot to fully tighten his front sway-bar after making some adjustments and the nut had worked it’s way completely off, leaving the sway-bar completely disconnected.

Coffin 1:45.498
Harsha 1:52.548 (New Personal Best)
Law: DNS

ORP Preview

With the first race weekend of the season upon us it is a good opportunity for some drivers to get the jump on those in the field that might not yet be ready for the season. Drivers who have some past experience at ORP could have the edge going into the first weekend, look for ORP regulars Greg Coffin, Daryl Harsha, Alan Davis and the Fass Bros to have the early jump. Other possible drivers in the mix are CFC Champ hopeful Brad Law who plans to make his first venture down to ORP this season. With his newly acquired Mygale Pat Wildflower will be joining the field on Sunday for a his first novice round. Russ Werner had mentioned contending this event but has yet to register so could be a late entry and a podium contender if he does. A couple late issues for drivers Sheldon Lemoine, Steven J Smith and Reny Follett have left the field wide open for someone to sneak in and steal some good points.

Possible Winners: Greg Coffin, Brad Law, Russ Werner
Podium Contenders: Daryl Harsha, Alan Davis, A Fass Bro


PR1MUS Racing and Northwest Formula Continental (NWFC) are pleased to announce the a contingency program for 2015 NWFC races

Awards will be in the form of certificates that may be redeemed alone, in combination, or with cash. The more entries in a race the more prizes available

PR1MUS Racing is well known as the go to place for Van Diemen race car bits and pieces, but they also stock pretty much every other item required to keep your Formula Continental on the track, with competitive prices. Please join me in supporting them with your business and make sure you let Brad know you are from the NWFC when you place an order.

PR1MUS Racing Parts

APRIL 2015

Registration for the first round at ORP is up in the schedule section or click here to go directly to Motorsportsreg.

The original date at Castrol Raceway has been cancelled so you should have recieved an email about alternate schedule options. If not please contact us at the NWFC to recieve the newsletter.


Welcome back to NWFC!

After much input from drivers, talking with specific clubs, attempts at getting better weekends for the group, and keeping in mind everyones total costs to compete, NWFC is ready to publish the 2015 schedule.

ORP 2 RacesMay 23/24
Spokane County Raceway 3 RacesJune 19-21
Castrol Raceway3 RacesAug 1/2
Mission Raceway Park3 RacesSept 5-7
The Ridge2 RacesSept 19/20

* The Castrol race date is not finalized and may be removed from the schedule if the race date stays at July 24/25

The schedule offers an ideal spread of dates throughout the racing season, at least one race with minimal travel time for almost all members, and the most races possible on a per weekend basis of practically any racing series in North America.

Reminder, Zetecs will start out the year with a 40 lb weight penalty. This will be adjusted as more data on Pinto/Zetec equality becomes available.

Lastly, as we move to a schedule with 13 races, a new max number of championship races will need to be agreed upon for this year. If you have any thoughts on:

- How many races should count towards the championship
- How points should be distributed
- The policy of counting an extra two non-championship races towards championship points that was implemented last year

Then, please direct your feedback to NWFC


Championship Update

The final NWFC races of the 2014 season came and went this last weekend at the Ridge. Russ Werner took the win on both days. Sheldon Lemoine had some excellent drives both days to take home two seconds. Lawrence Hayes took the Argo to 3rd on Saturday, but got the car stuck off course on Sunday’s race. Michael Lensen had a solid 4th on Saturday and was running in second in the closing laps of Sunday’s race when to his surprise he ran out of fuel. Daryl Harsha was consistent throughout the weekend finishing 5th on Saturday and taking home the final spot on the podium Sunday. Steve Smith and Alan Davis finished in the sequential spots behind Harsha both days. Final Points standings are listed on the website. Currently Roger Smetaniuk leads the overall standings, but with Greg Coffin entered at the runoffs, there is still a mathematical possibility that he either ties or beats roger with a win or 2nd place finish at the runoffs. Either way a Mygale will win this year’s NWFC overall championship. On the CFC side, Lawrence Hayes clinched the championship long ago, and was the only driver to run in every race. Congratulations to Lawrence on the great season.

Pinto Zetec Parity Update

Zetec Mygale testing was conducted on Sept. 24th at Spokane County Raceway. Initial concerns were confirmed, as the Zetec was able to run fairly effortlessly times on par or less than its pinto powered counterpart on tires that were beyond used. Data system was not working on the car at time of this publishing, and only a handful of stopwatch times were able to be taken. Weight was not able to be added to the car other than through fuel at time of testing (approximately 40lbs difference). At full fuel, car was roughly on par with what previous pinto’s have been capable of. However, due to a lack of data collected and scientific process not being followed for this informal test day, as well as the car not being able to be pushed to its limits as safety and emergency crews were not on hand, this test should only be taken at face value and more testing will be conducted in the spring. Until testing can result in conclusive data no official rule change will be brought to sanctioning bodies, however those who do own Zetecs currently will handicap their cars at NWFC events until an official rule change is agreed upon. More on this in 2015.(Current idea is around 40 lbs of extra ballast for Zetecs)

NWFC at the runoffs

Greg Coffin, Gavin Aitken, Michael Manning, Chuck Raggio, Colin Cross, Kim Wilcox, and Jeffrey Pietz are all on the NWFC mailing list, and 5 of the 7 competed in NWFC events this year. As you keep an eye on live timing and scoring throughout the runoffs week, make sure you are pulling for the above drivers.

2015 Schedule

Due to some confidential race date info please sign up for the newsletter to be part of the 2015 scheduling discussion. NWFC Newsletter

JULY 2014

We are now 8 races through the inaugural NWFC season. 28 drivers have scored points this year and a few more are scheduled to in the coming months. There is one event left on the schedule, ICSCC’s season finale at the Ridge. NWFC drivers will be running both Group 3 and Six in order to get in two races on the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you out there.

For those who have followed along on Apexspeed.com, or for those who have been to a race featuring both pinto’s and zetec’s, it has become apparent that the two packages are no longer equal. It was revealed on Apexspeed that the zetec package now has 5-6 hp more at peak power than the pinto. Coupling this with its higher torque curve and flatter powerband, the package has the advantage in every area. Over the past two months we have heard from both pinto and zetec owners who want something to be done to bring the two packages back to parity. Those who recently bought zetec’s did so because of the cost savings of running 93 octane pump fuel and a longer rebuild cycle, not because they wanted to run away from every pinto out there. They want people to race with. The pinto on the other hand offers a lower entry cost to this group, however, if they are not equal in power to the zetec’s then entry to the group becomes much less desirable. It is the plan of NWFC to bring these two packages back to equality. A few of the proposed options are:
Weight penalty for zetecs (probably around 50 lbs, simplest solution) Upgraded carb for Pinto’s (may be equal at first, development could lead to pinto dominance though) Upgraded cam for Pinto’s (Same reasoning as carb) Remapping/restrictor change of Zetec ( a little bit of cost to competitor, but what do we remap/restrict to without lots spent on testing) There are other options out there than this. If you have any suggestions, please submit them. We have opened a thread on Apexspeed to discuss this issue, Apex Thread. We will be doing something about this and hope to start testing options soon, but don’t want to test everything due to cost, so please participate in the forum and be vocal on the matter.

Many of you have also shown an interest in running at Mission over Labor Day weekend, so if you were on the fence about this event, know that you will have others to race against.

Looking ahead to next year, start thinking about the tracks that you want to race at. We will send out a survey similar to last year to determine where everyone wants to go. Furthermore, it looks as though having races on back-to-back weekends to minimize travel from afar did not work out and we will shoot for weekends that are 3-5 weeks apart next year when scheduling. If you have any ideas about the schedule or any other ways to improve the series don’t hesitate to share them. We are always looking for ways to make our series the best for our racers.

Race Recaps

Since the last newsletter, two NWFC races have taken place, both at Portland International Raceway. During the first weekend there, ICSCC’s Chicane Challenge, Sheldon Lemoine made his season debut and ran away with the only race of the weekend. Lawrence Hayes had his highest finish of the season in 2nd place.

The next weekend saw SCCA PIR Majors come to town and had a significant attendance bump thanks to the Pacific F2000 series drivers making a run at the runoffs. Pacific F2000 drivers accounted for 8 of the 15 FC’s, helping make the event the largest NWFC field of the year. The track proved to be fairly slow by PIR standards all weekend long, and for the first time this year a zetec was unable to claim the lap record on their maiden voyage to the northwest. Q1 provided the only session in which to get a fast lap off, and as such almost all qualifying times came from Q1. Q2 was a waste of a session as an early and prolonged black flag mixed with a shorter session led to only 5 green flag laps, only 1 flying lap post black flag. The cars running a bit heavy and in warmer conditions were unable to get a good lap in. That being said, all of the pinto’s either maintained times close to their morning run or improved their grid position. Qualifying results and grid position were as follows:

127Andrew Evans02 VanDiemen1:15.357
27Zach Craigo03 VanDiemen1:15.462
06Yufeng Luo03 VanDiemen1:15.563
45Zac Burke02 VanDiemen1:15.620
18Tom Hope03 VanDiemen1:15.791
25Michael Manning01 VanDiemen1:15.866
99Peter West05 VanDiemen1:16.494
07Peter Thomas02 VanDiemen1:16.680
24Colin Cross94 VanDiemen1:17.924
14Chuck Raggio01 VanDiemen1:18.779
08James Hepburn98 VanDiemen1:18.998
04Greg Coffin99 Mygale1:19.608
35Lawrence Hayes86 Argo1:21.523
00Gavin Aitken98 VanDiemen1:21.876
77Brad Law91 Citation1:30.543

When the green flag dropped it was Zac Burke who went to the lead on the first lap. Craigo was able to get ahead of Evans for 2nd, followed by Manning, Hope, West, Luo, Thomas, Cross and Hepburn in a long train. Raggio fell back a little on the start, Coffin was passed by Hayes and Aitken, with Law hanging back a little. After the first couple of laps Burke began to pull away and it was clear it was his race to lose, having significantly better pace than the rest of the lead group. On the tail end of that lead group, Cross and Hepburn started to fall off a bit. Further back, Coffin methodically worked his way past Hayes and Aitken. Unfortunately, on Lap 4, Zac Burke had his front right clipped off by a formula speed 2.0 car he was looking to pass at the end of the back straight and gave up the lead. The battle for the lead was then on between Craigo and Evans. On lap 9 Tom Hope dropped out with overheating issues. Around this time also, Hepburn went to make a pass on Cross into 1 and looped his car. He would drop out of the race shortly thereafter as he was down on power. Mid-race saw a full course caution as the result of an incident involving Craigo spinning on his own accord and damaging his wing and Evans taking evasive action, damaging his car in the process This accelerated Luo to the race lead, followed by Manning, West, Thomas and Cross. Due to where the lead p1 car was at, the lead FC pack ended up at the back of the field while the secondary pack of Raggio, Coffin, Hayes and Aitken was relegated to the front of the group. Cross managed an excellent restart and got by Thomas. West then damaged his front wing and dropped back through the field, leaving 3rd for the taking by Cross. As the back pack made their way through traffic Raggio began to pull a gap on Coffin, however with a couple laps to go, both descended on two slow FM’s racing each other into turn 1. Coffin made a bold move to the inside and got all three by the end of the festival Raggio made it by the FM’s by turn 4, but the damage was already done. Coffin would hold the position through the end of the race. In the closing laps Cross was able to hold off any and all efforts made by Thomas and retained the final spot on the podium. Once in impound it was discovered that Luo had made an unsafe reentry and was given a 1 spot penalty, giving the win to Manning. Brad Law had his upper a-arm disconnect from the upright on his left rear on the closing lap, but was able to bring the car home. Final results:

PosCar#NameYear/MakeBest LapLaps
106Yufeng Luo03 VanDiemen1:16.36623
225Michael Manning01 VanDiemen1:16.75423
324Colin Cross94 VanDiemen1:17.52823
407Peter Thomas02 VanDiemen1:16.78323
599Peter West05 VanDiemen1:17.02722
604Greg Coffin99 Mygale1:19.23922
714Chuck Raggio01 VanDiemen1:18.68122
835Lawrence Hayes86 Argo1:21.23221
900Gavin Aitken98 VanDiemen1:20.64120
1027Zach Craigo03 VanDiemen1:15.48720
1177Brad Law91 Citation1:26.92018
12127Andrew Evans02 VanDiemen1:16.01816
1308James Hepburn98 VanDiemen1:17.91315
1418Tom Hope03 VanDiemen1:16.9019
1545Zac Burke02 VanDiemen1:18.0023

Sunday’s race saw some cars get turned around and ready to race, while others were forced to go home. starting grid was the same as the previous day, however, Zac Burke was on his way back to Calgary and Chuck Raggio was back in California (no issues, just had to get back home a day early). The first lap saw Luo jump to the lead followed by Craigo. Evans dropped way back on the start falling in behind Hope, Manning and West. Cross proved once again his knack for starts getting ahead of Thomas, although he would give the position back shortly. Aitken got by Coffin on the inside on the start, but Coffin got the position back a couple of laps later. Coffin then proceeded to hunt down hepburn as well getting by him after Hepburn was held up in traffic. Luo pulled out a bit of a gap over Craigo who then pulled out a gap on Hope, who in turn pulled a gap on the pack of Manning, West, Evans and Thomas. Cross was left in no man’s land for the rest of the race between the lead zetec group and Coffin. Craigo closed the gap on Luo as he was able to get through traffic more efficiently. Evans was able to get to the lead of his pack at one point, by fell back drastically as he lost 2nd gear, but was able to finish the race. Manning west and thomas remained fairly close throughout the race with positions being exchanged every so often. the only race in question in the closing laps was that for the lead. Craigo inched closer and closer to Luo and on the 2nd to last lap passed him into turn 1. He held on to the position for the remainder of the race and took home the victory. Final Results:

PosCar#NameYear/MakeBest LapLaps
127Zach Craigo03 VanDiemen1:15.35425
206Yufeng Luo03 VanDiemen1:15.71625
318Tom Hope03 VanDiemen1:15.91425
425Michael Manning01 VanDiemen1:16.69324
599Peter West05 VanDiemen1:16.14024
607Peter Thomas02 VanDiemen1:16.28924
7127Andrew Evans02 VanDiemen1:16.77124
824Colin Cross94 VanDiemen1:17.84224
904Greg Coffin99 Mygale1:17.79424
1035Lawrence Hayes86 Argo1:21.49923
1177Brad Law91 Citation1:24.30722
1200Gavin Aitken98 VanDiemen1:20.78816
1308James Hepburn98 VanDiemen1:18.54013
1414Chuck Raggio01 VanDiemenNo TimeDNS
1545Zac Burke02 VanDiemenNo TimeDNS

Check the website for up to date points standings as some racers have started to submit their extra races. The championship is close and will come down to the final weekend. Last race to submit for extra races will be the runoffs, and champion will be crowned after the second weekend in October. See you at the Ridge.

Video Coverage from the O'Reilly Auto Parts Grand Prix Sunday Race is now up.

JUNE 2014

After the first two weekends of the season, we are already half-way completed with our inaugural race schedule. Write-ups of the first two weekends are below. So far 18 drivers have competed and 17 have scored points. As we only have 3 weekends left, I encourage all of you to get out to at least one of these weekends, especially if you have raced during non-NWFC weekends so that these results can count towards your total NWFC points. If you have 2 races that you want to count towards these results, please report them to northwestfcseries@gmail.com, otherwise they may not be scored. If you have any questions about scoring please also contact us.

Looking ahead, there are going to be a lot of entries at the Portland Majors. This will be a great opportunity to meet those located further south and to race in a large field of competitive continentals. I know there has also been a lot of interest in people attending the conference race the weekend before, but so far entries have been minimal. I encourage all of you to sign up early for events you are planning on attending as it encourages more cars to sign up when they see there is someone to race against. Both Portland registrations are now open and can be accessed through motorsportsreg or our website.

Additionally, I will not be able to make the Portland Conference race due to another commitment. If there is somebody there who is willing to take pictures and/or run the twitter feed please volunteer.

Lastly, there are a few people on our mailing list who are looking to get into an FC for next year, or are looking to upgrade their current ride. If you are interested in selling your car please forward me a classified ad that includes a list of spares, and an asking price. If you are interested in receiving a list of available cars let me know and I will send you the list once a significant amount has been collected.

If you have attended a NWFC race this year (Pacific Majors, or Spokane) and would like a website profile, please forward us necessary information. Check out the website’s (northwestfc.net) driver profiles to see what needs to be included. We should have the necessary pictures for everybody, but do not yet have everyone’s information.

Race Write-ups


The new pavement at Pacific Raceways proved to be fast, as Michael Lensen’s SCCA lap record from 2011 fell in the first qualifying session to Andrew Evans who posted a blistering 1:22.588. The rest of the field knew after the session that they would be trying to catch him all weekend. Michael Manning was next quickest with a 1:24.740, followed by James Hepburn (1:25.089), Greg Coffin (1:25.222), Lawrence Hayes (1:29.295), Geoff Fass (1:33.038), and Gavin Aitken (1:35.013). Colin Cross had transponder issues all weekend, however he self-reported a 1:24.3 for the session, a time he would later back up in Q2. Unfortunately, Gavin Aitken’s engine let loose before he was really able to get going and he had to pack it in for the weekend.

Q2 saw Evans, Manning, Cross, and Coffin all go under the lap record coming into the weekend. Unfortunately, even though all were faster than the front running Formula Mazda’s during this session, the pair of Mazda’s had an outstanding qualifying session the previous day and split up the pack of continentals on grid.

As race 1 neared the weather began to turn. The track was still dry but droplets of rain began to fall. Every car on grid decided on slicks. That is, every car that made it to grid on time. James Hepburn showed up late to grid and started 2nd to last in the first pack (FB cars had a split start and started behind) due to changing over to rain tires at the last second. Manning was unable to get the car fired when he tried to pull onto the track and gridded up next to Hepburn for the start. On the first lap Manning got an excellent start and moved up the field. Hepburn also started to work his way through the pack as conditions were discovered to be much slicker than anticipated. Evans started to pull away a little on the rest of the field, but the wet conditions led to a quick caution and pace car release to gather up the field. As the cars lapped on an extra long pace period due to the pace car picking up Evans instead of the leading Atlantic, the rain drops turned to a full on down pour and Hepburn’s choice for rain tires proved to be correct. He had already made his way up to 4th in FC with only Cross, Manning, and Evans ahead of him. When the green flag flew it took less than two laps for him to move up to first in class and third overall in group behind only one FA and P1 car. Evans had an off course excursion with one lap to go, retiring the car and ripping off the front wing. Cross was able to stay ahead of Manning as well. Coffin brought the car home safe right ahead of Hayes for 4th and 5th, and Fass finished 6th.

The grid for Monday’s race was set based on the best recorded lap from any qualifying or race session thus far. As the first race was wet, no one improved their position, and the grid was identical to the previous day. The weather stayed nice for the 20-lap race and after a turn two get together by the two FM’s that split up the field, Manning went to the lead. Evans got caught behind or between the two FM’s for the duration of the race. Hepburn got past Coffin during the turn 2 incident, and then by Cross a few laps later. Coffin got caught behind a slower FM and was unable to pass back on the first lap, at which point in time the gap to the pack of continentals was too great to catch up. Hayes piloted his Argo to a solid sixth overall. Fass finished 7th and was the winner of the random prize drawing for the group, claiming a case of Joe Gibbs’ lubricants as his prize.


Zac Burke was fast from the moment his wheels hit the track. He was the fastest qualifier on each of the three days and led every lap of each of the races. He had a flawless weekend and came away with 3 wins, a new lap record, and the series lead as a result. Greg Coffin and Lawrence Hayes were the only drivers to attend both the Pacific and Spokane race weekends. Both had random issues crop up that prevented them from maximizing their point outcomes throughout the weekend. Greg had a battery die during the first race with one lap to go while in 2nd place. He managed to coast across the finish line, with his transponder making it over the timing and scoring mark by a few inches before the car rolled to a complete stop, losing two positions in the process. Smataniuk finished 2nd in his first race in his new Mygale, and Doug Connon showed much improvement over last year to finish third. Lawrence Hayes was unable to get to the top end of his RPM’s, but still managed a fifth. Steve Ross and Alan Davis both had mechanical issues and were unable to race the rest of the weekend. Glenn Yuen and Scott Morton Dnf’d but both had issues that were not critical and they were able to get back out there. Jay Sharp was unable to make the race on day 1 due to his responsibilities as race chairman.

Day 2 had Coffin qualifying 2nd again, but a missed down shift in to 2 led to another runaway from Zac Burke. Then the rear wing on Coffin’s Mygale ratcheted itself down to full aerodynamic brake. Smetaniuk was able to catch and pass Coffin even though he started 6th after his qualifying session was ruined. Hayes fixed his issues and was able to turn a 1:28.331, the second fastest lap ever recorded by a CFC eligible car at Spokane, en route to finishing 4th. Connon again had a solid session finishing 5th, and Jay Sharp was able to bring home his DB-3 to it’s first finish with it’s new owner in 6th. Glenn Yuen was DQ’d for being underweight, although it was apparent that he was progressing quickly in his first weekend.

On day 3, Coffin headed to quali grid early in order to get a few clean laps at the beginning of the session. On his way, 1st gear felt strange and was making weird noises, so he headed back to the pits, where he found out that he had turned a 16:31 into a 16:30, and as such would be starting from the back of the field. Additionally, group 3 and 6 were combined for the final race as group 6 only had 3 cars in it and everyone in group 3 wanted to go home a couple hours earlier. As a result, the stewards granted a split start, winged cars in the first pack, and non-winged cars in the second. For the first time all weekend all the cars that started the race finished. Zac Burke ran away from the start. Roger held 2nd steady for most of the race and Hayes established a gap back to the 4th and 5th pack of Connon and Yuen. Morton was next back in a car that was finally back up to speed. Jay Sharp had issues with fuel pickup and lingered at the back of the continental pack. Coffin steadily made his way up through the field and was trailing Hayes by 2 seconds when a spin and subsequent stall by Morton brought the pace car out. Morton was able to get the car fired and restarted with help from the safety truck and a couple of laps later racing was back underway. Burke had four club fords between him and Smetaniuk, Hayes, and Coffin, and when the green dropped he got out to an insurmountable lead. The next three continentals all got through the fords on their first lap. Coffin passed Hayes going into turn 2 on the next lap and then hunted down Smetaniuk over the next couple. The battle between Coffin and Smetaniuk on the last two laps was as good as it gets, multiple passes for 2nd took place, with Coffin coming out ahead in the end. Video from Rogers view can be seen on the website, and a link to the television coverage of Sunday’s race should be posted in short time. Full results can be seen at www.northwestfc.net, under the schedule section.

APRIL 2014

First, If you plan on attending the Pacific Major season opener it is time to get on getting licensed for SCCA. In order to do this, first become an SCCA member if you are not one already. Step 2: contact Gary Meeker, NORPAC SCCA license director, to submit recent race history for participation waiver. Gary.meeker@att.net . Gary can work you through your particular situation to get licenced. The few drivers who have completed this process did so without issues.

Second, we were unable to get tires any cheaper. Buy whichever tires you want from whatever supplier you so choose. Many of the tire suppliers will be offering their own contingencies at the RunOffs if you plan on going, or at some of the races you might attend (Portland Major, contingencies through Les Phillips). All of these contingencies will take place outside of the NWFC series. If you wish to be eligible for those contingencies you will need to do so individually.

Now, its about time we got to go racing. Some of our California members got started back in January. Some more of our members made their first appearance at Thunderhill last weekend. The event produced mixed results for those on the mailing list. Looking ahead, if you are planning on qualifying through the majors route to the runoffs, you are running out of opportunities to do so, as you will need three weekends of participation (a DNS will count towards participation). If you want to go the divisional route, there are still plenty of opportunities. All nor-pac divisional races will count towards runoffs qualifications, except the Invitational Major at Laguna Seca. you will need to compete in four divisional race weekends to qualify and finish in the top 50% of the class in division (best 7 races count).

Looking to the future, Pacific and Spokane are less than 2 months away, and both have their motorsportreg sites up and running. Registration links for these races are now available at NorthwestFC.net. Pacific is also completing a repave of turns 7-9, which were in awful condition and long overdue for repairs. Additionally, it would be appreciated if you could drum up some more interest in these two weekends by responding to this thread on apexspeed with the event or events you will be attending. So far it is looking like we will have the most FC’s ever at Spokane, already heard back from over ten of you that are planning on coming.

As always, Greg Coffin will have space available at his house in Spokane to park a number of trucks, tow vehicles and FCs between the two weekends. He would also like everyone to know that he took over 20 lbs out of the Mygale over the winter and has a very pretty clutch and flywheel. Some of you have already received pictures.

Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming weeks for quick communications as any new news becomes available. Follow us on twitter and facebook or your social media of choice for updates. And if you are coming to any of the races, let us know and we will get your profile posted on the website. Also, if you have anything you want included in the newsletter let us know and we will put it in here.

Looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of you next month!

MARCH 2014

Registration is now open for Rounds 1&2 at Pacific Raceways and Spokane County Raceways.

See the schedule section for more details


The NORTHWEST FC website is now LIVE!

Second on the agenda: The Pacific F2000 series is running at Portland on the July 4th Majors weekend with us. If any of you would like to be prize eligible for their series that weekend, you will need to purchase the tires through Buttonwillow raceway. If you are planning on doing this, please let us know and we can try to arrange a group buy for tires once we know how many are interested. Either way there should be a lot of continentals to race against in Portland this July. Additionally, for those making the trip from further out, the ICSCC race the weekend before the July 4th Major is also on the NWFC events calendar. All ICSCC races allow FC's to enter two race groups ( group 3 as FC, and group 6 as FL). So if you want some cheap testing time and the chance to steal the locals knowledge for the Majors weekend plan on hitting both races. We are still looking into finding space for people to park their trailers and tow vehicles for the time in between, so if you know anybody willing please pass on that information. Additionally, if you are interested in attending both Portland weekends please let us know so we can get a head count for how many rigs need parking in between.

A reminder, the Pacific major is on Memorial Day weekend and the Spokane triple race is the weekend after. Parking is available between the two weekends at Greg Coffin's house near Spokane, for all those who can fit. If you are planning on parking there please let him know or respond to this email.

One last order of business we are currently in contact with SCCA to make the licensing process as pain free and inexpensive as possible. However, we have yet to hear back from them. Please keep an eye on your inbox over the next couple of weeks as we will let you know what to do as soon as we hear from them.

We are Looking forward to the 2014 season as many of you have expressed an interest in attending most if not all of the weekends on the schedule.

As always if there are any questions left unanswered here or on the website please contact Greg or Charlie Coffin through northwestfcseries@gmail.com which Greg, Charlie, and Roger all have access to, so website specific things should go to that one.


The fall ICSCC meeting has concluded and preliminary race dates were presented. SCCA has released the dates for their Majors events. ICSCC dates will not be officially finalized until the winter meeting, so the ICSCC dates are confidential.
Proposed Schedule :

Pacific Raceways SCCA (2 Races)May 24th – 25th
Spokane County Raceway TripleICSCC (3 Races)May 30th–June 1st
Portland International RacewayICSCC (1 Race)June 28th–29th
Portland International RacewaySCCA (2 Races)July 4th–6th
The Ridge (Run both group 3 &6)ICSCC (2 Races)Sept 20th–21st

Greg Coffin can provide parking for a number of tow vehicles and trailers at his house (in Spokane, 5 to 5.5 hour tow from Pacific) in between the Pacific and Spokane weekends. This should help those traveling to make both events and get in five races in just eight days, plus a Thursday test and tune on May 29 at Spokane. If you need to fly home during the week the option to do so is available.

Similarly, we will be looking for space for people to leave their tow vehicles in between the two Portland weekends. Hopefully, this encourages those who were already going to be coming up for one of the weekends to participate in both. If you would like somewhere to park in between either weekend, let us know sooner rather than later so we know how many vehicles we need to find/provide space for.

For those unfamiliar with the ICSCC single race weekend schedule, it generally follows that Saturday is spent in practice and qualifying and Sunday has one qualifying and one race per group. If you are unfamiliar with Portland and want to get a leg up on the competition for the PIR Major, the ICSCC weekend prior provides an excellent opportunity to get track time as all FC's are able to also run as FL in the sports racer group at a discounted price. This option gives you 8 on track sessions or roughly 170 minutes of track time (270.00 first entry, 155.00 second entry).

Additionally, for those looking for an extended race vacation we have the SOVREN event at Spokane the weekend after the ICSCC race and it is open to all 1989 and earlier FC's. Also, it has been rumored that the ORP ICSCC event is the weekend after the Portland major. Portland is the nearest major city to ORP, and if you haven't raced ORP yet this is a fantastic opportunity to race at one of the most underrated tracks in the country.

Included in last month's newsletter was the contact information for the SCCA license director in our region. It has come to our attention that they are undergoing a transition at the position and that contact information is no longer viable. It has also come to our attention that those drivers that are currently licensed in any sanctioning body and have a recent race history should have no problem getting licensed for the SCCA Majors weekends. When the new license director information becomes available please contact him and request a license waiver. There is no longer a difference between a regional and national license, only separations for novices. It is also encouraged that you apply for an ICSCC license as well, however it is not required to run with ICSCC. That being said, if you are not licensed by ICSCC you must have a 3 digit number, starting with a 7 on your car to race (duct tape numbers will suffice) and you will not score ICSCC championship points.

Lastly, there has been an influx of cars into the region over the last couple of months, and it looks as though there will be a few more added before the offseason has finished. As a whole, it looks as though FC will now have more active participants than any other sports racer (except SRF's) or open wheeled class in the region. A few garage queens have made their way out into the open and will be on-track in the spring. Additionally, looking at racing in the region as a whole, we will put more FC's on track this upcoming year than all but a few classes (SRF, SM, PRO3, and ST). The arrow is still trending up on car counts and we encourage you to continue to represent this class well.

One last note, we are looking into launching a website and creating a social media presence before the start of next season. If you would be able to contribute something to this endeavor please contact us and let us know what you would like to do to help. Furthermore, those who wish to be acknowledged on the website as part of the NWFC group please send a side profile picture of your car and a short bio about yourself. If you attended races at Spokane or Castrol in 2013 we should already have a picture, but if you have one that you want included, please send it along.


At the beginning of August you were all asked to take part in a survey to determine what tracks you were interested in racing at in 2014, as well as some other questions in order to determine the best course of action for a FC series next year. As such, we were able to craft a schedule that meets most of your wants and needs (in regards to racing). Without further adieu, I present you the 2014 PNWFC Schedule: (please do not share these dates publicly)

May 24 - 25Pacific Raceway Double Major
May 30 - June 1Spokane Triple (ICSCC)
June 28 - 29Portland International Raceway (ICSCC)
July 5 - 7Portland International Raceway Double Major
September 27-28The Ridge (ICSCC, run both groups 3&6)

In addition to encourage running other events and to allow for racers to count events at their local track, racers will be allowed to count two races towards their points total from outside of this schedule. The maximum amount of races that can be counted will be eight; the extra race provision allows for racers who are not licensed for SCCA events to score eight races towards the Championship.
Results from the survey:

Spokane ran away with the poll. Pacific finished second by a hefty margin over The Ridge in third. Portland International finished fourth. ORP, Mission, and Castrol finished close to each other (and not necessarily in the above order) and will be used as alternates if conflicts exist when race schedules are finalized. They are all eligible for out of series points and could be visited by the series in future years. For sure they all should have a favorable turnout based on survey results.

Secondly, most of you indicated that you did not care whether or not runoffs qualifying events would be included, however, a large minority wanted these events included. A very tiny contingent was opposed to SCCA events. We will be including two Majors events in our schedule to encourage the most racers to be at each of our events, and we encourage all of you to try to qualify for and attend the runoffs this year as it is a special event and it will not be this close for quite some time. It will be good for the class as a whole here on the West Coast if we make a good showing. What you need to do to qualify for the runoffs and attain proper SCCA licensing to compete in Majors events is provided below.

Furthermore, there were mixed results on how far apart races should be spread out. Some people wanted 3-5 weeks, those who were traveling from farther distances wanted to get the most bang for their buck and indicated back to back weekends were preferred. As such, the schedule includes back-to-back Portland and Spokane/Pacific weekends. Given that only eight races will be scored it is possible to run only a single weekend of each of these back to back events and still post a maximum number of races towards the championship, or to just attend the back to back weekends and still post the maximum number of races.

Looking to the future, many of you showed interest in traveling to other destination tracks across the country. As the 2014 RunOffs are at Laguna Seca and this was a common destination track we will designate the 2014 RunOffs as our racers vacation event for the year. Another common choice was Miller, so we will look at this for 2015. Not everybody provided a list of destinations that they would want to go to so if you have some you would like to be considered please send in your racetrack bucket list.

There are a number of cars and drivers here in the Pacific Northwest that should consider qualifying and attending the RunOffs this year at Laguna Seca. It has been a long time since the RunOffs have been on the left coast, and a large turnout of cars would go a long ways toward seeing them return in the future. In addition much of the home field advantage that has been enjoyed by FC drivers in the CE Division of SCCA will be eliminated.

JULY 2013

Thanks to all who came out for the races at Spokane. Other local racers have started to take notice and are looking to get into the class for next year. Looking forward to the future this means that our fields should only increase in size. From what I have heard from all of you it looks like the remaining races in the ICSCC season should have at least four cars each!

It is now time to start looking ahead and planning for next year. Immediately before the Spokane weekend SCCA announced that the 2014 runoffs would be held at Laguna Seca. As the runoffs have not been held on the west coast for many, many years, it is no surprise that many of you have shown interest in focusing your efforts for next year on the runoffs. There has also been great interest in forming a Northwest FC series for next year in order to make sure that we all show up to the same weekends and have as much fun, three or four times a year, as was had at Spokane. As such, I have attached a link to a short survey to see where people’s interests lay for next year and to start the planning process for a 2014 NWFC series. Please respond to this survey. The goal of this survey is to assess which racetracks will attract the most drivers, so that when race schedules are released for 2014 we can quickly put together a series schedule.

Included is a chart that uses a complex algorithm to predict attendance. It takes into account local base, travel distance, as well as past attendance to determine which courses have the best chance of attracting the largest fields. Make what you will of the chart but it should give you a relatively good idea which tracks will be most likely to have the best fields. Please consider this when taking the survey. Please also consider that The Ridge and Castrol Raceway have both opened within the last year and the predictive algorithm is skewed towards a lower attendance than the other tracks. The most important number however is which racetracks you all want to race at in 2014. !


Current unofficial ICSCC point standings:

1.Greg Coffin99 Mygale185
2.Daryl Harsha83 VD118
3.Sheldon Lemoine96 VD109
4.Lawrence HayesArgo JM1735
5.Alan Davis88 Crossle33
6.Geoff Fass96 VD22
7.Guy Gordan95 VD20
8.Tim Fass96 VD19

JUNE 2013

If you are receiving this newsletter it is because you have recently raced, own, or are interested in Formula Continental in the Pacific Northwest, and we were able to track down your contact info.

The purpose of this newsletter is to keep all of you informed about Formula Continental happenings, initiate a dialogue between FC racers and to keep the community going strong. As it currently stands there are 36 people who are receiving this newsletter.

The long-term purpose is to form a strong community of club racers to strengthen our class in the region, and to encourage racers to bring out their FC’s that haven’t seen the track in a few years. Basically, to make Formula Continental the most attractive open wheel class for both new drivers and those who may be looking to switch classes. This group does not look to become another pro series. This group will try to create the best race weekend formula car experience in the cars that we believe offer the most bang for the buck.

This year many of you will be attending the Spokane and Seattle races in July. This will provide a great opportunity for a lot of us to get together and chat about what we want this group to become. We know that many of you have already made your race schedules for the year and budget restraints are always a driving force as to which races people attend. That said if you are on the fence on attending Spokane I encourage you to do so, we are expecting between 10 and 15 Formula Continentals, making Spokane one of the largest gatherings of the year nationwide. Registration is now open on Motorsportsreg.com.

Looking ahead to the future, if anybody has any ideas please do not hesitate to share them with the group. To get the ball rolling on this I suggest that next year, 2014, we designate three or four race weekends that we all show up at, with an eye towards developing our own informal Championship Series. If we all show up at designated races there will be more competitive opportunities for all drivers regardless of which end of the field you are running at.

Let us know what you think.

So far this year it looks as though in addition to Spokane and Seattle, the triple at Mission, BC will be well attended. Five of our group competed at the recent double race at ORP, and three cars ran at Seattle in May.

Current unofficial ICSCC Championship Standings are as follows:

1.Greg Coffin99 Mygale79
2.Daryl Harsha83 VD69
3.Sheldon Lemoine96 VD47
4.Tim Fass96 VD19
5.Guy Gordan95 VD0

Newcomers that are planning to make their ICSCC FC debuts at Spokane.
Alan Davis (89 Crossle)
Zac Burke (95 Euroswift)
James Hepburn (98 VD)
Lawrence Hayes (87 Argo)
Dane Babkirk (96 VD)
Brian Smetaniuk
Scott Faris (85 Swift)
Gavin Aitken (98 VD)

NorthWest Formula Continental

NWFC aims to be the premier amature openwheel racing series in the northwest its goal is to attract as many FC cars out to a select number of events giving the gentlemen racer a chance for the competition he desires. We plan to run in the same vein as our friends in the Tin-Top PRO3 series and similar to the GLC(Great Lakes Challenge) Series from out east.

The rule set is the standard SCCA FC rules set the only difference being all things about the championship are decided by the membership for the membership as in where we race when we race and how we race.

The upcoming 2017 season will be our 4th year of the Championship and we anticipate our biggest year yet. With 4 Race weekends spread over 4 months and 2 Countries we are looking to have consistant 15 - 20 car fields this season.

The series will be a good starting point for up and coming racers as well as our more seasoned racers and we look forward to having you come join us.

Points Structure

The season will take place over 4 race weekends consisting of 2-3 points races per weekend. With your best 8 races counting towards the championship.

Scoring will be 9-6-4-3-2-1 with half-points are awarded for each car you finish ahead that is in your era/class if you finish ahead of a car in a higher era/class you will earn 1 point per car up to 6 cars total. Each group/Era will be scored individually for each race with those totals going towards the overall weekend scoring and Championship.

2018 Standings - Aug 1

1.Gavin Aitken7 / 5.5 / 131 / 12 / 120 / 0 0 / 050.5pts
2.Glenn Yuen13 / 1/ 118 / 8 / 30 / 0 0 / 044pts
3.Wade Anderson10 / 13 / 7.57 / 2.5 / 00 / 0 0 / 040pts
4.Daryle Redlin0 / 0 / 013 / 13 / 130 / 0 0 / 039pts
5.Roger Smetaniuk5.5 / 7 / 5.512 / 8.5 / 00 / 0 0 / 038.5pts
6.Russ Werner13 / 13 / 9.50 / 0/ 00 / 0 0 / 035.5pts
7.Jason Gillen8 / 10 / 06 / 4 / 5.50 / 0 0 / 033.5pts
8.Greg Coffin9.5 / 9.5 / 7 0 / 0 / 60 / 0 0 / 032pts
9.Doug Connon6.5 / 6.5 / 50 / 5.5 / 70 / 00 / 030.5pts
10.Phil Roney0 / 0 / 010 / 10 / 100 / 0 0 / 030pts
11.Scott Morton0 / 4 / 41 / 6 / 4.50 / 0 0 / 019.5pts
12.Steve Ross1 / 1 / 2.58.5 / 4.5 / 10 / 0 0 / 018.5pts
13.Keray Mcewan0 / 0 / 06 / 3 / 8.50 / 0 0 / 017.5pts
14.Brad Smith0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 80 / 0 0 / 08pts
15.Brian Smetaniuk4 / 2.5 / 10 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 07.5pts
16.Mike Hilliker5 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 05pts
16.Alan McColl0 / 0 / 0 4 / 1 / 00 / 0 0 / 05pts
18.Mike Webb1 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 01pts
19.Reny Follett0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Brad Law0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Pat Wilson0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Dane Babkirk0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Tim Fass0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.James Nadolny0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Michael Lensen0 / 0 / 00 / 0 / 00 / 0 0 / 00pts
19.Steve Rogers0 / 0 / 0 0 / 0 / 00 / 00 / 00pts



WCMA Western Canada Motorsport Association
NASCC Northern Albert Sports Car Club (Edmonton)
ARCA Alberta Race Car Association (Calgary)


CACC Confederation of Autosport Car Clubs
SCCBC Sports Car Club of BC (Mission)


ICSCC International Conference of Sports Car Clubs
CSCC Cascade Sports Car Club (Portland)
IRDC International Race Drivers Club (Ridge & Pacific)
TC Team Continental (ORP)
NWMS Northwest Motorsports (Spokane)


ApexSpeed Everything Open Wheel
NASCC Straight Pipe Forum


If you would like to be on the NWFC mailing list please contact -Charlie


For website help and info please contact -Roger

Primus Racing Parts

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Phone # 727-804-7417
Email: Brad Baytos
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Advanced Auto Fab

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Phone # 509-924-7006
Email: Hank Moore
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Armadillo Racing

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- Trackside support throughout the Pacific Northwest

MK Technologies

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Roger Kraus Racing

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Ivey Engines

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Hayes Cages LLC

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Drivers Edge Autosport

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Trackside Motorsports

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Design 500

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